Reps Committee Plots On  Employment Of Staff In  Unijos Is A Complete Unjust-Rt Baba-Hassan

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Yakubu Busari

The former Deputy Speaker of Plateau state House of Assembly , Ibrahim Baba-Hassan has said called on the his colleagues from the upper chamber to see the misrepresentation of facts by a group of cheap blackmailers against the Vice Chancellor ,Seddi Sabastine Maimako as baseless allegations, that the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, Prof. Sabastian Seddi Maimako has been fair to all Nigerians in terms of employment and admission in the institutions.


Baba-Hassan  said having watched the interactive session several times and making critical analysis of the discourse,  while, I  noticed that the so-called interactive meeting did not meet the minimum acceptable standards of inviting other vice chancellors but to just destroy the landmark achievements under Maimako .


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“The North-Central  and eminent leadership  attention was drawn to the unwarranted comments coming out from the honourable members who understood the politics going on across Nigeria universities yet beam their mind to UniJos .   As Member representing Jos North-North constituency ,i stand to condemn by calling the appropriate authority  to see a video that went viral on the internet on the interactive meeting between the House of Representatives Committee on Federal Character and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, Jos Nigeria.”


The former speaker  lamented that from the start to the finish, Professor Maimako was not given the space and opportunity to defend himself; rather, the House Committee came prepared with a mind set to embarrass, ridicule and intimidate the vice-chancellor.


“Stressing that looking at video  comments of the vice-chancellor which the House Committee members where not keen to pay attention to, it was obvious that approvals were acquired and certificates of compliance have been obtained from the Federal Character Commission for these appointments


Hon ibrahim express dissatisfaction that they had no doubt that given the opportunity, the vice-chancellor and the registrar would have given adequate explanations to these enquiries on the procedures on the employments carried for the period under review, stressing that  the discourteous manner in which the vice-chancellor was addressed by the committee was unprecedented, which left them  with a bigger question.


He challenged the committee not to use the office of the vice-chancellor and that of the registrar alone to make conclusions on such noting that  six  ranking members in the administration of the University of Jos, four (4) are not from Plateau State.


Hon Baba-Hassan pointed out  that the spread of principal officers of the University of Jos is one of the best in the country while both deputy vice-chancellors, the bursar and librarian are not from Plateau State, saying the pre-arranged ambush on the person of the vice-chancellor is a cheap blackmail, which should be condemned by all.


They further reminded the committee  that Prof Sabastian Seddi Maimako has performed exceedingly well in infrastructural development in the history of the University of Jos and should be given the accolades that he deserves rather than dwelling on mundane issues thereby distracting him.


“They may do well by avoiding setting double standards in their investigation, and also applying selective justice. What happened at that meeting was a mere harassment and intimidation from people we elected and that is unacceptable,” the statement added.

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