RE: Now That Okowa Has Used And Dumped Fejiro Oliver, What Next?

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I read an article this morning written by “Ejoke Anthony, a staunch media supporter of Ogboru for Governor is a Lawyer and writes from Abraka” 
As a lawyer who is supposed to deal with facts and evidence, I expected that Ejoke Anthony would have gotten in touch with the Okowa Media team to find out why Fejiro Oliver”s name was missing on the campaign team of the Delta state PDP recently inaugurated.
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Instead of doing that, he went to the cleaners to take on Fejiro who had insisted before the names were published that his name should not be included in the list for obvious reasons.
We are quite aware that the investigative journalists have been a thorn in the flesh of Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan especially when he tried to install Sir Anthony Obuh on Deltans.
For the sake of equity, Fejiro Oliver has stood on the path of truth that the people of Anioma should also produce a governor.
“What is good for the goose, is also good for the gander”
Fejiro Oliver, having resisted attempts from the UPU, Labour Party and the APC in Delta state to join their campaign team, stood by Senator Okowa till the very end where he got the ticket of the PDP in Delta state for the forthcoming governorship elections.
Now that Ejoke Anthony has nicknamed Senator Okowa as the “Deceiver,” I want to ask him and all others who may think in his direction if Okowa had ever deceived him or others before now?
It is for record purposes I write so that Ejoke will not continue to tarnish the image of people with falsehood and I will also advise that he stay put till after the swearing in of Senator Okowa to know the position of Fejiro Oliver in the administration of Senator Okowa before he can now draw his conclusions.
The Fejiro that I know will stick to Okowa till the last day and no amount of pressure or persuasion will make him drop his support for Okowa and support another candidate.
Eneh John is a Journalist and secretary,Coalition of Human Rights Defenders

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