PYC, Anaguta Urges Government To Enact Laws Against Land Grabbers In Plateau

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Yakubu Busari


The Anaguta Speaking Native of North-Central Nigeria and the original ownership of Jos Local Government Council of Plateau state has said as the host community, they  are aware that the University of Jos  legitimately and properly acquired every Land been encroached  upon by the Muslims settlers .


The National President of Anaguta Youth Movement Comrade Moses Dawang in his briefing called on the state government to take a decisive action on those land grabbers.


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The Anaguta  youth movement (AYM) on yet another unprovoked attack on our community by hoodlums at UBYAL-AYIMAH (NARAGUTA village) on Saturday 22nd February, 2020 and chopping off finger of a female student is a clear demonstration of land grabbers intention to overrun us and takeover ancestral homes.



He said “it will be recalled that last Saturday while going about our normal activities, some group of hoodlums decided to attack our community at Naraguta Village in the guise of protesting the demarcation of Land by the University of Jos authorities”.


As we are all aware, Anaguta are the aborigines of Jos North and the host community of all the Land housing University of Jos, thereby making Anaguta the host community of the prestigious Institution.


We the Anaguta Youths Movement are encouraging the authorities of University of Jos and the Government to continue the demarcation of all their Legitimate Lands in other to secure and protect Government properties against Land grabbers, speculators and Hoodlums who are bend on taking advantage of the University Land that is not fenced.


Anaguta Community is aware that University of Jos has acquired the Land in question and has proper documents to that effect from the B.P.E and has every right to use such Lands as they deem fit. Any individual or group of persons that have any issue with University of Jos acquisition of any Land should follow legal means of addressing his or their grievances rather than resulting to self-help which will lead to break down of law and order.


As a community, we all know that no one is above the law, so there is every need for the security agencies to be decisive in dealing with the people that have repeatedly attack the management of the University of Jos whenever they embark on visit to their Land. Also, the government was not spared from such attacked by those hoodlums and Land grabbers.


However, we are calling on all Anaguta people that are alienating the property belonging to the University of Jos, to stop forth with or we shall handle them appropriately.


We call on the Government to urgently reach out to our community that suffered great lost as a result of the last Saturday’s attack as our people are left without houses and churches that were destroyed by the hoodlums in the guise of protesting against the demarcation of Land by the University authorities.


The question is what has churches and native houses got to do with the activities of University of Jos? There is more to it; the action is purely criminal and expansionist.


The Plateau Youth Council, Jos North Chairman Barr John Chris said this attack is amongst too many in plateau state so one would began to wonder if really the governor is in charge of the security of our communities in the country.


He expressed sadness that the present regime gas failed the electorate completely in their primary responsibility of safeguarding the lives and properties of its citizenry.


Chris enjoyed the vulnerable community’s leaders to form vigilante in other for them to protect themselves against invaders and land grabbers.

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