Proscription Of IPOB In Nigeria: Govt Security Forces Declare Ugboma Chima Emmanuel Wanted Over Agitation

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Dan Opara


Security forces in the government of Nigeria in Imo State have officially declared wanted the Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB,  in Oguta LGA of Imo State, Mazi Ugboma Chima Emmanuel , following his ardent support and strong agitation for the freedom of the Sovereign State of Biafra.


Mazi Ugboma Chima Emmanuel, was born into the family of Ugboma on the 18th Day of August 1990 (31 years old). He is a native of Oguta LGA Imo State.


Mazi Ugboma Chima Emmanuel joined IPOB due to the heights of marginalization of the people of the South-Eastern States of Nigeria, over three (3) decades.


As a Coordinating-leader and a member of the proscribed group, Mazi Ugboma Chima Emmanuel, and his Deputy, Mazi Jude Okoh, and many other members of IPOB were declared wanted by the Security Forces on 5th Dec.2019.



While Mazi Ugboma Chima Emmanuel was declared wanted, it was on the same bid that some aggressive Nigerian Security Forces who were searching to kill him, stormed his family house at his village in Oguta and set the whole building ablaze.


Following the declaration, some armed security officers in Jun. 18th 2018 at Owerri, stormed the venue where some members of IPOB assembled for meetings and opened firearms on them, many IPOB members shot dead on the spot, many sustained serious bullet injuries, whereas many others arrested and detained in the police custody alongside other members.


It was gathered that Mazi Ugboma Chima Emmanuel joined IPOB in the fight for Biafran freedom as a country  in Nov.2015, and has remained faithful in IPOB.


News has it that Mazi Ugboma Chima Emmanuel, was elected as a Zonal Leader of IPOB and was later elevated to the LGA Coordinator, as his duty is to fervently campaign for Biafra.


The conditions for the release of Mazi Ugboma Chima Emmanuel and others are:” That on no account should any of them be found involved or engaged in any of the activities of IPOB. That no member should be seen or caught in any protest for Biafra otherwise, such person or group of persons must be killed.


Even, it was revealed that one Mr.Kingsley, a friend of Ugboma Chima Emmanuel paid the sum of #200,000 as a bribe to the Security Forces (Police) for temporary freedom, if not, it would have been very impossible to free and release a proscribed  person, though, IPOB was proscribed in Sept.2017.


Recalled that the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari, in the year 2017, officially proscribed all the activities of the members of IPOB as a terrorist group, even as the government declared IPOB as unwanted sects in the country.


That proscription triggered the constant and ceaseless killings of any member of the found gathering for meetings, protests or any kind of activities in the name of Biafra freedom or independence.

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