Brief profile of Late Enoch Chibuikem Opara-MacBenedict

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Dan Opara

The young, energetic , vibrant, handsome and good looking Late Enoch Chibuikem Opara-MacBenedict, aka Chibyke, as fondly called by many people was born into the family of Late Apostle-Bishop MacBenedict Ndubuisi Opara, of Umuoyo Irete Owerri West LGA Imo State, in the year of Lord, 21st Jan.1990.


He began growing in power and strength,wisdom, good health with the fear of God.


He was enrolled into his Primary Education at T.T.C.Practising School Irete and later proceeded into his Secondary Education at Irete Secondary Technical School,ISTS, Irete, where he studied and obtained his high profiled certificate.


Late Enoch, was very humble and have respect to everybody.


As a God fearing promising young man with bright future, Enoch decided to further his education but first chosen to go to Skills Acquisition, even as he successfully learnt General Borehole Drilling, Plumbing Works and other meaningful skills as part of aiding himself in money making until death struck him out this wicked world.


Late Chibyke,until his departure from earth to heaven as a Saint, was a very staunch and ardent Christian, a Community young leader, a young cheerful giver,  a Religious builder, a Communicator and a Peacemaker for service to humanity and divinity.


Chibyke as fondly addressed, called and admired by so many people, he was a very skillful footballer who until his demise has assisted his village in lifting series of trophies as a Liverpool FC fan.


Enoch, before he gave up the ghost was successful business young entrepreneur who loved helping people in his own little capacity.


His helping hands of succour extended to so many young persons whom he positively engaged.


The young Chibuikem, trained many youths in skills irrespective of relationship and distance.


Enoch showed way to many even as he trained many as Plumbers and Borehole Drillers, yes off course, those he directed as doing well in their respective chosen careers.


He is never a troublesome man rather a humble , hardworking and strong man always dwelt in the sanctuary of the Most High God.


Whenever you see Enoch, you have seen Love,Unity and Peace. He doesn’t tell lies but beckons on the real truth at all times with highest respect as his courtesy demands.


Therefore, our fervent prayers to the Almighty Jehovah-God is to grant you everlasting peace in the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ,Amen.


We know that God is the giver of life.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.


Brother!!! But endeavor to kill all those who are behind your death. Never spare any of them. Enoch- hear me, slay them all.


In fact, it was a great shock when we heard and confirmed the tragedian news about your death from this mother earth on Sunday,2nd May 2021.


More so, as human beings, we can not ask God why, but may your soul rest in in peace, Amen.


Enoch, your siblings, church members, friends, relatives , well-wishers are crying, lamenting even your Mother, Matron Martina Opara-MacBenedict, are weeping over your death.


He lived a successful life worthy of emulation.



May the Almighty God receive your body, spirit and soul in his right hand and make you a king in his paradise.


I believe, you are not dead but you are sleeping waiting to see each other during the rapture.


Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!


“It is well”, says Enoch.



Your Elder Brother,

Daniel Opara, aka Danjay,

for the family and the church.

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