Poor Funding Cripples Statistician Data On Collection In Rural, Urban Communities

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Yakubu Wuyep


The office of Statistician General, Plateau State, Mr. Gongden Micah Sunday has expressed worries over no execution of programs and projects that can touch the lives of the common man as budgets delay continue to impact negatively in citizenry daily bread.


He said that his displeasure with the poor funding of Statisticians offices across the country is indirectly affecting infrastructural improvement in the rural and urban populace.


Sunday disclosed this on Tuesday at Tudun Wada Dandaura office while in audience journalists in Jos.


He said the delay in passage 2018 budget by the federal is greatly having a negative impact in the farming season because major of farmers depend solidly on the fertilizer to farm but if there is late distribution owning to budgeting would cripple the farming activities.


According to him, we are now in June but when you look at the plight of farmers many of them are yet to get their fertilizer which will affect the harvest, lack of rain has hampered the activities of farming especially in Plateau state.


He pointed out that the delay in the passing of budget has brought down slow development of infrastructural as Nigerian we placed priority to the tradition of waiting for budgeting but speeding passage will bring succor to many families.


Sunday condemned a situation where the Senate is still allowing the long delay by dragging the budget for so long is a very big challenge to the citizens.


He maintained that in 2018 the state is yet to experience any major flood disaster but the threat caused by Fulani herders men who now killing and prevent farmers from going to the farm which potent danger to the food security.


Sunday urged the government to give attention to statistics and data collection towards implementing a program that can influence positive development to the country democracy

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