Plateau Women Begs Men For Peace Says Hon Sarah Bali

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Yakubu Busari

The Management Committee Chairman of Bassa Local Government Council, Hon Sarah Bali has said she is begging the men to shun other social verses and embrace peaceful existence which is the panacea for the unity of the country.

Hon Bali said: “I am  calling on government to look at the side of women in crisis prone areas where attacks is happening as the most vulnerable group on  target list of  terrorist.”

Hon Bali disclosed that women and Children are the most vulnerable group to the numerous attacks in Nigeria.

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She expressed her displeasures over the recent attack in Ncha community of Bassa LGA where lives and properties worth millions of naira were destroyed.

Speaking to Journalists at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Mrs. Bali lamented that when crisis broke up;  “is we the women that always fall victim of the killing, so I am calling on the appropriate authority to do something that can safeguard the security of vulnerable people in Nigeria.”

She stated that when the men want to strike they should look back because of the women and children that are always at the receiving end; “I pray to the people of Bassa LGA to shun other social vices that are capable of bridging the peaceful existence of the state.”

According to her, Governor Simon Lalong has fought very hard toward restoring peace to the state, “we have witnessed how he was crown as a peace ambassador of the state.”

Mrs. Bali urged people to be security conscious because.

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