Lt General Dogonyaro Clocks 77 Years, Says Nigeria Need Restructuring

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Yakubu Busari

Retired Lt General Joshua Nimmyel Dogonyaro has clocks 77 years says Nigeria restructuring is eminent for the progress and unity of our oneness as it will play vital component.

Lt General Dogonyaro made this calls while hosting the state Exco of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) at his residence in Rayfield .

He told them that Nigeria unity is sacrosanct so people should have the fear of God in all their dealing.

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The General said Nigeria is now on the cross roads and our peace should not be compromise in spite of our diversity which binds us together as a nation.

Dogonyaro reiterated that his successful retirement victory has to do with honesty, transparency and non-corrupt attitude but assisting people not to seek for any gratification before exciting the work because there fear of God and respect for humanity.

He complained the sincerity exhibited in Nigeria military force cannot be compare to the present day army advising to reposition for us to achieve better progress.

The State Chairman of ADP Chief Ambassador Nanyah Andrew Daman said they were in his resident to seek for the progress and peaceful co- existence of Plateau state.

He said Plateau state need the leaders with the fear of God to transform the state and bring about the desire change of attitude in governance.

Daman condemned the politics of bias senseless killing of innocent citizens under the watchful eyes of APC government in this country.

Meanwhile, National Secretary Ngwan I shi O Tarok ,Rev Nanlir kirtim urged the ADP to have the fear of God not to focus more on seeing government as money spinning machines.

He charged them to see themselves as David in the Bible who killed Goliath because of his divine connection with God and sincerity to serve him.

Kartim maintains that if the hands of God is in your its can deliver the desire positive result that can free us from the political hawks

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