Plateau Chairman Of Persons With Disability Commission Drums Support For Agitators Of Restructuring Of Nigeria

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau State Chairman Disabilities Right commission, Comrade James David Lalu has drummed support for agitators of restructuring of Nigeria even as he faulted the constitution against the discrimination of persons with disabilities in Nigeria.

He disclosed that politicians in the State will risk losing election if they neglect about 15,000 persons with disability in Plateau.

Speaking on the high level of preparation for the conduct of forthcoming election he said sincerely speaking the Federal Government Constitution has different issues which cannot address the plight of persons with disabilities.

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Lalu told our reporter that the constitution didn’t capture or deliberate the conditions of persons with special needs; “so we are voiceless and our members are discriminated with the present constitution.”

He reiterated that they have not been allocated appointments in some States, even at the federal government level since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914.

According to him, some selected state governors are trying towards recognizing persons with disabilities in their States.

Comrade James David explained that a lot of persons with disabilities are holders of PHd, Master degree, Degree holders yet they are not being appointed as minister, commissioner, “so why we are we neglected, restructuring is very vital to our members.”

He urged government at all level to allocate certain position to people living with disabilities because they are suffering in silence across Nigeria.

Lalu reminded the Plateau House of Assembly to correct the illegality and barrier to make them function effectively by bridging the gap in pursuing the right of persons with disabilities.

However; “we are telling the whole world that our members are clamoring for the restructuring of fiscal federalism even with the understanding that the south-east, South -south, and South-west are yearning for it.”

James appealed to federal and government to ensure that they create tax system that can tackle the need of physically challenged group.

He called on the constitution to consider universal right and not to disenfranchised people living with disabilities but to build systematic physical federalism with value added tax by reserving for persons with disabilities in each state.

He also appealed to federal and state governors to establish disabilities right commission for their members to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Stressing further he said that in Plateau Governor Lalong has established a commission for the conduct of persons with disabilities but decried how federal government has refused vehemently to put in place a structure where President will sign it into law, he added.

James Lalu said 5% of revenue accruing to federal government and state governors should go into the account of persons with disabilities or states should remit their contribution as counterpart funds to address their need.

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