How Public Schools In Plateau Rip-Off Parents And Guardians Through Excessive, Superfluous And Unjustified Charges

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Yakubu Busari

Following the high rate of charges by Government owned schools in Plateau State; a Plateau citizen has written about the high rates of charges by Government owned schools in State thereby making difficult and hard for parents and guardians to cope with the latest trend.

In his open letter to Governor Simon Lalong, Makop Masok explained how parents and guardians pay high and heavy in order for give their children and wards education in Plateau state.

Read The full Letter Below:

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Dear Commissioner of Secondary Education, Plateau State,

I hope you, your family and work are well.

It is with a vexed heart that I write this open piece to you.

Throughout my secondary education in both private and public schools, school uniforms and textbooks were bought by my parents once an admission is giving, the school will attach a piece of the cloth material (uniform) to the prospectus of the school and the list of required books included in same prospectus. Whether the uniform and books were collected from my elder brother who just completed or it is bought new, it was not a business of the school authority so long as it’s not torn and it’s the recommended by same authority.

I remember then, parents will be scampering for materials (textbooks and uniform) from relations whose wards have just completed school in order not to buy. It was because of this that some of us were privileged to attain school as our parents lacked the means to afford such a molestation of charges.

The trend today is becoming too bad that the practice has forcefully been put aside and the toll on poor parents like me is becoming unbearable.

This ugly trend started with the private schools, but gradually the public schools have keyed in. Books and uniforms that cost far less in the market is exorbitantly charged by these schools today and forced on candidates to pay for it thereby leaving poor parents in a state of bewilderment of asking the question “is there no regulatory body (Government) in this state?

I would use the case study of GSS KWATA ZAWAN to plead with you to kindly nip this unpleasant trend before the poor are forced to withdraw their wards from school or not even enroll them as they may not have the ability and capability to afford the unpleasant charges attached with it.

GSS KWATA ZAWAN has introduced some charges that I suppose is abnormal and questionable by the poor. The charges among many others includes: Development levy, Land reclamation levy, PTA levy, exams levy, exams sheet levy, PTA staff levy, NYSC teachers levy et al. To add salt to injury, all Pupils who finished their JSS3 in same school must buy form to be admitted into SSI, the Uniform and sweater that was used in the Junior class would not be accepted into the the senior class no matter how new it may look, but a new one must be paid for!

Haba Jama’a, my heart is vexed and questioning the morality of this invidious and inhuman policy.

I am pretty sure that what is happening in GSS KWATA ZAWAN may be happening in most public schools if not worst.

But for private schools, it is a settled matter.

Sir, I would want to call on you to as a matter urgent public importance rise to not only discourage the compulsory buying of uniforms and textbooks from the school instead of recommended/voluntary. But sanction schools (private and public) who indulge in same.

I will be very grateful if this piece is giving diligent consideration.


Yours Sincerely,

Makop, Masok D.

Cc: Commissioner of Secondary Education,

Perm Sec. Education,

Director Education,

Area inspectorate officers,



Concern Plateaunians/Nigerians.


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