PhotoNews: Kano Durbar and its display of Majesty, Magnificence, and Rich Cultural Inheritance As Displayed at Day 2 of the Durbar known As Hawan Nasarawa #Kanodurbar16

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For the people of Kano and its visitors, the 2016 Kano Durbar which has been trending as #Kanodurbar16 may be seen as the stepping stone of Kano Tourism which will soon become a major money spinner for the State as well attract foreign investors in that sector.

With the elegant display of culture, tradition, revered rich heritage seen at the recent Kano Durbar is indeed an event to behold.

Cm1w1WQWcAA-jfGHaving filled their eyes with the event of the Day 1 of the Durbar with its adroitness, the next day of the event saw the inhabitants of Kano trooped out in their numbers for the Durbar Hawan Nasarawa.

Cm1w3S7XgAABRcGAs it is there is no denying the fact that the Kano Durbar remains the biggest and largest in the whole of Africa no wonder it always attracts foreigners every year, however, the 2016 Durbar has surpassed many other previous ones following how the current government has taken it to a greater height.

See More Photos of Day 2 of The Kano Durbar Known As Hawan Nasarawa:

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