Photonews: With Amazing Display And In Grand Style, Day 1 Of Kano Durbar Known As Hawan Daushe Started #Kanodurbar16

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With an amazing display of culture and heritage, the Hawan Daushe Durbar started in a grand style. The Hawan Daushe Durban witnessed dignitaries which include Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed, Ambassadors of Spain, and Argentina.

The Kano State Governor and his entourage also arrive at the venue of the Durbar.

#kanodurban16While waiting for the Emir of Kano who has gone to pay homage to his mother, the Durbar ground at the Palace of the Emir was filled to capacity with more people waited patiently with ecstasy for the arrival of the Emir.

However, prior to the arrival of the Emir of Kano His Royal Majesty, Mohammadu Sanusi, the District Heads from all over the State also converged with their colorful horses in their thousands and in their scintillating regalia was also already entertaining the mammoth crowd.

The main issue of the day began when the Emir arrived; who’s its arrival was heralded with several gunshots.

A Cross Section of the Crowd watching in admiration

As soon as the Emir of Kano arrived, the paying of homage and traditional salutation by the District Heads to the Emir began.

After a colorful homage paying and salutation, by the District Heads, the Guns began to hit, and at the end of that, the Durbar came to a close.

However, the Kano Durbar still remains the best in Africa, due to the rich cultural heritage that follows it.

More Photos of the Hawan Daushe Durbar:

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