PDP Insists APC Shunned National Security Council Meeting

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When we said that the All Progressive Congress, APC, as it is presently constituted, aids and abets terror in Nigeria by omission and commission, some Nigerians doubted us.

But what further proof can there be of the culpability of the APC than the decision of its governors to shun the National Security Council meeting called by the President to deliberate on ways to bring the sponsors of terror and their foot men to book?
Government is different from politics and it is quite unfortunate that in the pursuance of politics APC Govs shunned a meeting to secure the nations integrity and protect the lives of Nigerians.
It is important to note that APC governors do not shun meetings where the Federal Government takes care of their financial interests. But as this meeting is meant to take care of the interests of Nigerians, they shunned it.
Could it be that the APC is not happy with the news by the police and security agents that they are closing in on the perpetrators of the Nyanya bombing even as they were able to recover the body of the bomber?
It is certainly more than curious that the APC governors, particularly those whose states are at the thick of the Boko Haram insurgency are the once who are trying to subvert meetings called to address the malaise.
Nigerians should be conscious of their antics and read the body language of the APC. They may make the appropriate noises from time to time, but in the fight against terrorism, actions speak louder than words!
Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary

Peoples Democratic Party

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