Passage of Memos Through BPP Would Slow Down Government Activities–Investigation

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Rabiu Omaku

Few days after the pronouncement that henceforth all memos originating from Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)to pass through due process, especially with the setting up of the State Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP).


Engineer Sule during an opening remarks during the weekly State Executive Council meeting, held at the Government House,Lafia,Some of the top echolon civil and political appointees says due process under the Bureau For Public Procurement would slow the pace of Government line-up of activities especially businesses that needed urgent attention.


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While others suggested that instead of allowing all memos passing through BPP,The Governor should ensure that BPP Units are establish across all Ministries,Agencies and Departments,It was revealed that submissions of memos to the Director General BPP for scrutiny would be a cogwheel to processes.


It would be recalled that the Governor,Engr.Sule during the State Executive Council urged cabinet members to braze up to the challenges, as it will no longer be business as usual, where memos are brought before him but that memos should now go through the due process in order to get the best for the state.


Engineer Sule emphasized that since his administration decided to tow the path of transparency, through the establishment of the BPP, there is no better way to practice that transparency than for memos to pass through the due process.


While others are of the opinion that the idea behind the decision of Governor Abdullahi Sule to ensure that all memos passed through BPP would reduce wast in procurement while others says it would delay processes especially issues that needed urgent attention like the procurement of biros and plain sheets.


The Governor used the opportunity to show appreciation to members of the council, as well as members of the State House of Assembly, for the efforts in ensuring that the state constitutes the BPE, with all the procedures put in place.


He disclosed that interviews have been conducted for the four directorates that will be reporting directly to the director general of the bureau, with already four persons, identified and selected for the positions, awaiting approval for their engagement.


“It’s very important for us as members of the executive council to get ready. It’s no longer going to be business as usual, where people just bring memos to me for everything they want to buy.


“Memos now should go through due process, to make sure we are getting the best for the state,” Engineer Sule stated

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