Ombatse: Wives Of Slain Security Agents In Nasarawa Gets N34 Million By Rabiu Omaku

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The wives of the slain joint security officers massacred by the  Ombatse group in Alakyo has gotten a lifeline, the sum of N459, 450, 45  was doled out to the family of the SSS, CID, Mobile Police and Police Officers.
The money was party of the N100 million pledged by the Northern Governor’s Forum in Lafia as part of the efforts to bring succour to the family members.
The disbursement of the fund was amidst wailing, sorrow, and full of sober, reflection of the maiming and killing and burning of security men by Ombatse Militia.
The permanent secretary Public Affairs, Cabinet office Shaq Abubakar Sadiq buttressed that the N34 million was part of the N100 million pledged by the Northern Governor’s Forum some months ago,
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The P.S said each wives and family members would get N459,450,45. He said the fund was shared among bereaved devoid of any discrimination. He said complaints has continued to trail the non fulfilment of the pledge made by the Northern Governor’s Forum barely a year, reliable source confided that majority of the governors did not donate a dine.
While others described the pledge as a mere gimmick by the Northern Governor’s Forum, is no longer news that the two time governors in the NGF would not redeem their pledge as they not seeking for any elective seat.

While another source asserted that only the one time governors seeking re-election would make a bold effort to redeem their promises, only time will tell whether the NGF would fulfil the pledge of the remaining N66 million which more than the amount redeem by the 19 Northern Governor’s forum

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