We Have Not Sponsored Any New Party-PDP

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In the last few hours we have received numerous calls from our party members , concerned citizens and well-wishers on our association or otherwise with the Advance Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) which was unveiled today at Abuja.

For the avoidance of doubt, we reiterate once again that we are not in any way associated with the new party in any form or guise. The APDA is neither an offshoot of the PDP nor its alter ego as some are speculating.

This statement is made purely to set the records straight and to avoid unnecessary innuendos, speculations and ambiguity that may threaten the continued unity and solidarity of our party members.

We thank millions of well-meaning Nigerians for their concern and commitment to the defence of our nascent democracy. In the end this democracy cannot survive without a strong and vibrant opposition.

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God bless the PDP! God bless Nigeria!!


Prince Dayo Adeyeye

National Publicity Secretary, PDP – NCC

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