No Peace In FMC Owerri, Except Angela Uwakwem Do The Following—Staff

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Angela UwakwemFor the 5 years running now, FMC Owerri has known or seen no peace. People grudgingly discharge their functions to the disadvantage of the clients who do not know the goings-on in the healthcare centre.

Today, if it is not ARD with management, it is MDCAN with management. If it is not AMLSN with management, it is PSN or ARN or NSP with management.

These are problems engineered by one person who wants to perpetuate her selfish desire to the disadvantage of the entire staff and the public (clients).

Proverbially, you can fool some people sometime, but not everybody all the time. Enough is enough!! The hospital does not belong to Dr. Angela Uwakwem or to any other individual staff. The hospital community has come up now to say capital “No” to these antics and gimmicks.

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There is no Director or HOD in this hospital that knows what happens in the management of the Hospital except few sycophants that perch around the Medical Director to make sure their promotions are assured. Behind her, they feed you with information that you marvel at when you hear them.

Do we have to continue this way by allowing this woman sell our right and privileges?

“NO”!!! Therefore this is why we have stood to reclaim our rights and positions while allowing conflagration to fall on any combustible material if need be.

Our Stand: Because staff have suffered in the hands of this woman (MD) in all ramifications of the service, we do not want her to drag us about again like those sheep that move around the hospital (the more you look, the less you see).

Public-Private Partnership (PPP):

The public-private partnership is an optional govt. policy in place to strengthen weak areas in any govt. institution by employing the services of a private partner. The private partner strengthen areas of equipment, infrastructure (building) etc. or such areas the institution is lagging behind (not core business areas ie core clinical areas).

WE WANT PPP in our centre. Yes we do!! The areas of importance for the PPP are not Pharmacy, Laboratory, Physiotherapy or Radiology as opined by the MD. We want a management consultant, a seasoned hospital administrator who will take over the administration of the hospital. The management consultant will strengthen the weak area of our management and we pay him according to the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). By so doing the sleeping dog will lie. The present management (MD) does not know much about the rule of the game so we need this desired and necessary change. Management is not about what you make into your private pockets as it is the case here now.

Therefore we need a management consultant as a private-partner to strength the weak management pattern in the hospital.

Promotion Arrears must be Paid Within 7 Days:

It is good to bring to your notice that 2013 and 2014 promotion arrears that runs in hundreds of millions of naira have not been paid to the staff by this weak management. Information has it that this money has been collected from federal government coffers but Because we the staff are not important to the Medical Director, she used the money to pay her pseudo contractors. While it is a known financial regulation that you don’t vier cash from personnel cost to capital cost,she brought a fake virement letter and transferred the money totaling 242million to her contractors.

Where is the money then? Continue asking where is the money? Did you not hear that the money has been diverted to pay contractors who protect her interest in the business. Please, we want these promotion arrears to be paid “for the sleeping dog to lie”. This is our own personnel cost.

No Vacancy for the Position of HOD Account

From grapevine we gathered that the HOD accounts position has been declared vacant because he refused to transfer money(242million) from one account to the other. This we all know that it is against financial regulation and unethical in accounting profession. Why should the HOD accounts be punished in that regard because he is professionally discharging his functions. We further gathered that fake virement was collected and this our promotion arrears money outsourced to buy one refurbished CT scan machine. The MD forced the HOD Radiology to received and accept the machine, his refusal caused him his position. You can now appreciate why FMC Owerri management should be outsourced. For the sleeping dog to lie, all these HODs positions must be reinstated.

No weakness in the areas of pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Stores, and should not be outsourced:

Hospital/ Healthcare services are social services that do not require high profit margin. It is not like buying and selling business where the business entrepreneurs will make-up to break even and even make high profit margins. If healthcares services are allowed in private hands, Imo indigenes will suffer more and there will be high mortality and morbidity rate in Imo State. Therefore, to allow the sleeping dog to lie, healthcare services should not be privatized or outsourced under any guise. Government can afford to operate at a lose to meet people’s desire, but not individuals.

Management Should Declare the Profit/Loss Margins of The Aforementioned Depts Since 2010 For Public Perusal:

Most of the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of FMC Owerri come from these depts. Suffice it to say that some of the profits have been ploughed back into useful ventures in the hospital, while mismanaging the bigger chunk. If these depts mentioned above do not make out much money respectively, how has the management been coping in running the hospital as they say that they only receive an overhead of N2.7m. For the sleeping dog to lie, let the public see and know what these departments have made since 2010 in times of loss and/or gain.

Let the MD Step aside for the Hospital Accounts to be Audited by external body:

So many things have been swept under the carpet in this hospital for the past years. Let the MD step aside so that a comprehensive auditing (not internal) of the hospital be done for the sleeping dog to lie, having looked at the ways things are going on in the healthcare centre.

Call-Food must be given to all who do call duty:

This will further make the sleeping dog to lie. Finally, considering the type of management we have and how it has very poorly cared for the staff, we have resolved that if by the end of seven (7) days starting from Tuesday the 5th of May, 2015, if these conditions are not obliged the professionals under the aegis of the Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals FMC Owerri Chapter will embark on an indefinite work-to-rule strike action in the centre.

It is also known that according to Civil service rule section 130116 to 130126 that any officer above level 14 does not get overtime but our MD (who is a level 17 top salary officer) pays herself overtime running into millions till date this is evidence based.

The MD has been protecting her husband who did His internship as a level 17 officer in UPTH 4 years ago this is against the civil service rule. How can one start work as a medical Practitioner without the minimum requirement?

She has now resorted to issuing query citing oat of secrecy to those that are exposing her corrupt tendencies.

All this are evidence based and the documents to support them are all available.

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