Nigeria Seriously Divided Under The APC Govt-Hon Lagi

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Rabiu Omaku

The former Attorney General and commissioner of Justice under the All Progressives Congress in Nasarawa state, Hon.Innocent Lagi has said Nigeria is seriously divided under the ruling party.

Hon.Lagi gave the assertion during his official defection at the state secretariat of the People’s Democratic Party, calling on party supporters to join forces together towards rescuing the state from the shackles of poverty and under development.

Saying Nigerians has not had it simple under the ruling party; he however asserted that PDP is the only party that would fix Nigeria from agony, starvation and anguish.

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He in addition opined that PDP is the party that would rescue the state from total collapse, he said welfare, and safety of the people and prosperity of the people remain his cardinal principle.

“In my life I’m in labour party even when I served in the present administration, for the first time I’m joining a different political party”.

Hon Innocent Lagi averred that the PDP has never lost election in Nasarawa state since 1999.

He buttressed that the opposition party would take over the mantle of governance of the state.

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