Nepotism: Okowa Allegedly Gives Younger Brother Secret Contract Of N1 Billion For Purchase of Vehicles

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  • Cleaned Government House With N200 Million In 4 Months

Okowa-3-17-1-15On taking oath of office as the Delta State Governor, Senator Arthur Ifeany Okowa was the cynosure and toast of the entire Delta people both home and abroad, as there were high hopes and ecstasy that with the coming of Okowa Delta will never the same again.

However, learnt that this conjectures that were in the hearts of Deltans is soon fading away, as what they expected are no more on board, their hopes are being as dashed as Okowa’s slogan of prosperity through wealth may not after all be achieved or realised, with the way the State is going under Okowa.

It would be recalled that Okowa when he took over office, he cried to Deltans that they State is indebted to tune of N636 billion naira. However, rather than finding ways for this debt to be cleared, he is adding more debts to the state.

Subscribe to our newsletter learnt that it is alleged that Governor Okowa has given out the contract for the supply of vehicles and escort vans to his younger brother called Wisdom Okowa, and that the alleged contract was given out to the Governor’s brother at an inflated rate.

Moreover, while the Governor claims that the state is indebted, this medium also learnt from a source that the Governor is spending over 800 million to pay his political appointees.

“For instance, I can tell you that the cleaning of the Delta Government House in the last four months has gulped N200 million, and not done with that the whole state is aware of the jamboree trip that State House of Assembly Members has embarked on in the United States of America, based on approval of funds made available by the State Government while Deltans groans in difficulties,” the source said.

In a manner that surprise Deltans, while the Governor is crying on the enormous debt hanging on the State, these medium findings reveals that the Governor spends tax payer’s money accrued to Delta State to travel to London Prison every month for meeting with the former Governor of the State, James Ibori.

In incurring more debts for the state, the Governor’s 6,000 persons for training program was reduced to 1360 persons, while  his political appointees was increasd to almost 70.

According to a member of the PDP in the state who pleaded anonymity, told this medium that he not happy with the way the governor is running the state, he told this medium that; “with these issues so clear, it is obvious said, that the governor is the one who is adding more debts, to the state and he is not even bothered about reducing the cost of Governance.


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