Nasarawa State PDP Chairman Should Go For Psychiatric Diagnosis-Aliyu Bello

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As the 2019 election gathered momentum tongues continued to wag between the ruling All Progressives Congress and the opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party over who emerged the next senator to represent Nasarawa South senatorial zone comprises of Lafia, Doma, Awe, Keana, Obi, the Nasarawa state secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress, while reacting on the recent interview with Hon.Francis Orogu by selected Journalists saying the current governor cannot represent Nasarawa South due to his hearing impairment, Aliyu Bello lashed the state chairman of the opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party for saying governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura is not fit to represent Nasarawa South in the red chamber of the National Assembly come 2019,calling for his immediate impeachment before he lead the party to doom, calling on the PDP chairman to go for a medical examination, as he said Al-Makura is a vibrant and well-polished politician.


The Nasarawa state chairman of the PDP said only serious minded politicians should be allowed to contest for senate in Nasarawa South, saying Al-Makura is not the rightful contender due to his hearing impairment, how can you react to this?

Can he define incapable? This not enough to disqualify Al-Makura to contest for senate come 2019 as far as our party is concerned, Al-Makura is vibrant and well polish if comparing him with some of our elected representatives in the state. Francis Orogu is not a serious person and his opinion would not hold waters, PDP chairman needed a medical examination over his speeches and I’m disappointed in him.

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If the performance of Tanko Al-Makura six years in office is anything to go by then he will go to the senate on the platter of gold, not Francis Orogu or his candidate can withstand us, the APC.

Hearing impairment is not a yardstick for what he was saying, the current senator representing Nasarawa South is his brother and stakeholder of the PDP what was his track records ten year in office, zero and nothing to show, what are the contributions of Senator Suleiman Adokwe ?who is he representing ?

With the challenges of our governor he was able to restore back Nasarawa state which was destroyed during the sixteen years reign of the PDP.

There is no comparison between Al-Makura and Adokwe who is physically ok but is doing nothing in the red chamber of the National Assembly.

Hon.Francis Orogu is Calling on his kindsmen, the Alago’s and Eggon to unite ahead of 2019 elections so as to block the chances of governor Al-Makura to contest senate seat by 2019.

For the record you are a leaving witness of the track records of our amiable governor who succeeded in times of physical projects and building sound institutions, Francis Orogu is the first beneficiary of the good work of APC government in the state.

There was a serious chieftaincy rift in Kadarko and this crisis was resolved by our party and his elder brother Fabian Orogu is the monarch of his community, is this not a development?

Al-Makura constructed Kadarko-Giza-Keana road, is a beneficiary of the good work of Al-Makura.

Al-Makura constructed Agyaragu-Doma road, Obi-Keana road was reconstructed by APC, is this not development. Apart from the building of modern hospitals cut across the length and breadth of the state, go to our tertiary institutions, APC in Nasarawa state was the first to implement the 18,000 minimum wage before the sharp drop of oil price in the world market and the issue of inability of payment of workers salary is not only in Nasarawa state but also applicable to other states, Kogi is the most affected.

Was he not aware of the 61km Kwandare-Keffi road which was ongoing? The APC inherited virtually collapsed institutions. The people of Nasarawa state are all witnesses and can attest to the pragmatic leadership of our party.

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Francis Orogu instead of uniting the party is seriously destroying the party the more, in the House of Assembly the PDP has lost almost all its members that won election under the party not talking of other heavyweight that dumped the party,he succeeded in driven all that matters in the party. Presently is only Hon.Francis that is PDP.

Orogu is calling on the NSHA to probe governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura for Diverting Bailout and Paris /London Club refund meant to pay backlog of salaries arrears, pension and gratuity, what is your take?.

Is a baseless call, gone are the days members of the Assembly would call for the impeachment of the workaholic governor, but nobody asked Orogu how much he collected as constituency project allowance, the chairman who is inciting the people on the governor, he Francis Orogu collected N164m in four years but he did nothing that would change his constituents instead he succeeded in building a castle worth N120m behind government House bye-pass

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