Nasarawa PDP Chastises The Press For Being Pocketed by The Government

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Rabiu Omaku

The People’s Democratic Party in Nasarawa state has blamed the press for failing to exhibit their social responsibility, they  berated Journalists for been subservient to the party in power.

Hon.Francis Orogu described the press in the State as a total failure in selling the future of the state for peanuts.

He said the press in Nasarawa romances with the government House at all times, “all information we gave the press were taken to government and being edited by those in power before publishing it to the end user.

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“Where are the big shot media Houses like Channels, AIT, NTA, calling for a total retrospection of the media outfit in the state.

“We only see reports of state government being covered by the popular media houses while the report of the common man on the street suffers most”.

“Is not only the PDP that failed the state but also the press in Nasarawa State has failed us, he stated, he in addition said the PDP are aware of the present happenings with Journalist at the government House.

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