Nasarawa Encumberance, The Politics Of Tribalism And The Way Forward Part 1 By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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Is no longer at ease for the people of Nasarawa state since the advent of tribal politics, From 2011 to date scores of communities were displaced following the outbreak of ethnic and communal violence,As at last month people of Arikya vacate their abode over threat of attack, The  mass migration may not be far-fetch from the erratic killings in Nasarawa south extended to Nasarawa North senatorial district.
Other communities ravaged recently are
Alakyo village,The seat of the spritual head ransacked by Fulani’s
Akura,Eggon settlement invaded by fulani
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Fadaman Bauna ,Eggon community banished by Fulani
Uggah,Aki settlement taking over as a convergent zone for the Eggons
Lafia Palace -an attempted and failed attack
Arikya attack by Fulani
Daddere attack by Eggons
Tudun Adubun Alago attack by Eggon
Obi attack by Eggon
Iggah attack by the Eggons
Rutu counter attacks by Fulani
Ruwan Doma attack by Eggon
Bassa attack by Fulani
Kwandere attacked by Eggons
Agbashi attack by fulani ,extended  to Okpanya
Assakio attacked on three successive times by Eggon
Al-Waza,An Eggon community raided by Fulani-fresh attack
Kwara -recent attack
Ana -Burum-burum -past
Yelwa Ediya fulani reprisal attack on Eggon in 2012
Alagye attack on Alago by Eggon
Agye-Shumutu,Migili settlement  -threat of attack-this week
Daddere, One of the most peaceful community in Nasarawa state was abridged to debris by the Eggons months ago while Angwan Mamman,Angwan Hamidu and among other Eggon settlement was burnt to ashes by Fulani mercenaries, Where are we heading to in this state ?.
Can this crisis come to an end if Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura should quit the seat of power? Can the skirmishes be over if an Eggon man takes over the mantle of leadership ?,If Eggon man takes over the baton of leadership can he has the shock observer to combat renewed or emergence of another  ethnic militia group in the state,The answers are no.
The emergence of Ombatse,Eggon blood sucking demon has lead to the death of over 16,000 people including Alago ,Migili,Fulani,Bare-bari,Mada,Gwandara amongst other tribes,This compel other communities  to vacate their  ancestral homes to a safer place.
On the other hand, Ombatse displaced Jenkwe,The headquarter of Agyaragu,Gidan Rai,Gidan Ausa,Assakio,Obi,Iggah,Ana (Burum-Burum)
“Any tribe that play politics without decorum and deviating from the rules of the game will surely failed woefully because politics is all about  majority but not bloodshed which people especially the Eggons were into”.
 Eggons who are claiming to be the majority tribe in the state should learn the lesson from neighboring Benue people,The Tivs are the majority in Benue state and that was why they are ruling the state intermittently,The Tivs did not go on rampage or go to war to crowd one of their owned a king or Governor rather they embark on rigorous political campaign .
Right from the reign of General Ibrahim Babangida,The ex-military head of state the Tivs have been ruling the state and no end insight to proffer solution or pave way for an Idoma Governor, No blood was shed for the benefit of an individual,In 1999 the people of Nasarawa chanted a good cause by electing a popular Government that ushered  in Governor Abdullahi Adamu from the fourth or fifth majority tribe in Nasarawa state,No Afo man died because of Abdullahi Adamu.
In 1999 an Eggon man,Solomon Ewuga was elected alongside his political godfather the Deputy Governor,An office he short-live and was elevated to the position of Junior minister of the federal Republic of Nigeria repreenting the entire 1.8m people, The Eggons presently are those in control of sensitive elective positions in Nasarawa North,now extended to Nasarawa south a senatorial zone that the world knows they are settlers.
The Eggons which are knowns as Madan Dutse are in charge  of Nasarawa North today,Senator Ewuga is an Eggon man from Nasarawa Eggon is representing Mada,Hausa-Fulani,Rindre and other tribes in the zone but other tribes remain mute for peace to reign ,David Embugadu,member House of representative representing Nasarawa Eggon,Akwanga and Wamba is an Eggon man and xtian by religion,Labaran Maku is representing the entire 1.8m people.
We have Afo farmers even before and after the reign of Governor Abdullahi Adamu,been a Governor of Nasarawa state no Afo man was stop  from farming these was applicable to the people of Doma  who are predominantly farmers and the emergence of Akwe Doma as Governor in 2007-2011 did not stop the Alagos from going to farm .
Again,when Governor Al-Makura assumed office his Gwandara kinsmen that are predominantly palm wine tappers did not change their occupation though the only difference with the other politicians was that he effect changes by constructing a befitting road network,He sited airport,Federal Government Girls College in Kwandare ,There is the need for us to embrace peace to live as one people ,one state where prosperity will flourish ,There is the need for us to work towards actualizing the dreams of the founding fathers of Nasarawa state of our dreams,We should have it in mind that Nasarawa state is greater than any  individual.
 The security of lives and properties should not be left in the hand of the chief security alone,Is now time for NSHA lawmakers,natioal Assembly members,governorship,senator ,House of rep and Assembly office seekers in the state to synergized with the chief security  for peace to reign.
Is now time for the state Governor and the Assembly to come up with a law compelling all traditional rulers to  remain with there subjects,Majority of monarchs in Nasarawa south are staying outside their domain creating wider gap with their subjects
Emphasis should be accorded to the creation of cattle route in the state,This will end communal skirmishes from the sands of Nasarawa state.
The state Government should establish commission on peace and conflict Resolution which comprises of all ethnic groups in the state.
Traditional rulers and serving members in the NSHA,Local Government chairmen and women and security chiefs like DPO’s also  should be automatic members.
Rabiu writes from Lafia

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