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Daniel Kura, Aspirant For Chairmanship Of Langtang North LGA

Every human being is a political animal, but not all humans are politicians. Through politics creditable men are brought to the fore to lead their people as leaders. I venture into politics because l am gradually detesting this idea of being led by heartless individuals.

When God is involved peoples voice speak stronger. Now is the time for good governance with transparent, purposeful  and sincere leadership. Let us all together make Langtang North Local Government a better place for all of us and the generations yet to come.

There is a fountain of youths: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

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The youths must unite and rise for the future generations to be brighter and achieved, lets join hand together and support Daniel Kura as a youth for Chairman Langtang North Local Government Council for fresh air is blowing,

In a society where imposition, godfatherism, motherism, is the order of the day, unaccountability is inevitable. My Chairmanship aspirations is targeted toward bringing good governance, equity,  justice, fairness and all inclusive in governance as it is clearly stated in our great party manifesto, the Action Democratic Party (ADP) the Nigeria Mega Party.

I wish to use this medium to pledge my total and unflinching loyalty to the service to humanity, as my slogan imply, i will engage on programs that have direct bearing and impact on the lives of the people of Langtang North Local Government Council, most especially in the area of Agricultural development, knowingly well that majority of our people are farmers.

A deliberate action will be taken by my administration on agricultural transformation plan focusing on food security and making sure that Langtang North Local Government Council becomes self-sufficient by adequate distribution of highly improved seedlings ranging from rice, cassava, maize, palm oil, vegetables for improved yield productivity.

Similarly, farmers will be fully equipped and encouraged to go into a comprehensive irrigation farming system.

Educational Sector- there will be deliberate operations of Langtang North Education Authority which must be improved. We will ensure that the best three (3) graduating students from SS2 to SS3 in all the Secondary Schools situated within our dear LG will have their School fees of the entire year and JAMB settled by the Local Government and a brand new iPad will be given to them.

In the same vein, overall Ten (10) best students who seat for SSCE in the whole of Langtang North Local Government Area will be giving the sum of N50,000 each, to assist them in their pursuit of tertiary institutions. This is to introduce active positive competition within students in the land.

In the area of Primary Health Care Service, which is the sole aim and responsibility of every responsible Government, we shall make sure all our Primary Health Care facilities are put in good condition, where we shall introduce free pregnancy antenatal/delivery, unless if there is complications and it require CS.

Also in addition to free antenatal/delivery service to the pregnant women, there shall be free medications to our children from age 0-5 years shall be declared free in all our primary healthcare facilities.

Youths Empowerment/ Economic Improvement of our dear Local Government – For proper management of youthful restiveness and the proper management of economic improvement of Langtang North,  and as a youth who knows the plight/yearning and aspirations of the teaming youths, aside the 50% appointive/elective positions to be shared between Youths and Women as enshrined in our party constitution, we shall build first of its kind under my administration, skill acquisition training center with a dormitory facility that will accommodate not less than 200 students,10 each from the 18 ward of Langtang North Local Government Area to be graduated within every six (6) months for the entire period of our administration.

Students will have the privilege to choose out of the variety of skills acquisition training that will be offered in the skill acquisition center, ranging from footwear/bags skill acquisition, insecticides skills acquisition, catering, beds marking, aquaculture/feed production, Event Management/ Decoration.

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