My ‘Love Letter’ To Sam Ahanonu, The Professional Blackmailer

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My dear Sam Ahanonu,
Imo State woke up one morning and saw some media houses carrying your paid write-up titled ‘Open Letter to Captain Ihenacho, Enough of this Deception of Imo People; it is time to say the truth’. In the write-up, you designated yourself as the author of the publication. In the write up, you claim among other things, that the immediate past Nigeria Minister of Interior Capt. Emmauel Ihenacho has been involved in corruption, fraud, incurable debt and shady business transactions with some named persons and institutions. You also claim that the former minister owes you the sum of =N=30 million naira.
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In other to give the write-up a colouration that it is a document to be relied upon, you registered it in court and paid court assessment fee of =N290.00. To get it published, you paid some newspaper houses the sum of =N=200,000.00 each for the despicable ‘job’.
Before I go further on your allegations against Capt. Ihenacho, I wish to tell a little I know or have read about you. You hail from Umunyem in Nkwerre L.G.A. of Imo State. You are married to one Mrs. Fyne Ahanonu. During the time Bamaiyi was in charge of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), you were arrested, detained and completely clamped down by NDLEA over serious drug related crime. Some years later, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) also arrested and detained your wife over an offence committed by you. This was because you were running away from the EFCC arrest. It took the intervention of Justice D. T. Okuwobi to get your wife off the EFCC cell.
When Ikedi Ohakim was the Governor of Imo State, you also sponsored the propaganda that the ex governor was one time beaten and his eyes punctured by his former employer over an allegation of stealing of company money.
After your recent publication of false allegations on Capt Ihenacho, the police have been inviting you to substantiate the allegations in the publication but as usual, you are on the run again. Why are you running away? Your sinister material is about to send some newspaper staff whom you deceived into publishing the sinister falsehood into jail. You promised them that you were ready to prove the truth of your allegations Where are you now? Come out from hiding if you are a man.
Now on your lies you accused Capt. Ihenacho of stealing ships belonging to the Nigerian National Shipping Line (NNSL) and used them to set up Genesis Ships’. You are aware that it is not easy for a ship to be stolen and moreover; there has not been any report of disappearance of ships belonging to NNSL. The whole world knows that NNSL deals in ships that carry dry cargoes (general cargoes) while Genesis /Shipping Line transports petroleum products only.
You claim that Capt Ihenacho owes you the sum of =N=30 million over the supply of marine fenders’. If the former minister owes you, why have you not written a letter demanding for the payment of the alleged debt before now or gone to court since 2007. You see how callous you are. Why do you want to destroy an innocent man because you want to please your pay masters?
In your evil publication, you claim that Capt Ihenacho was sacked as a minister because of acts of corruption. It is here that you exposed your lies very well. The public is aware that Capt Ihenacho was not sacked as a minister but was temporarily suspended for political reasons to please blackmailers like you. When the truth was later discovered, he was recalled, re-instated and he served out honourably with the immediate past Federal Executive Council in the country. Afterwards, President Goodluck wrote him a letter commending him for his good service to the nation as a minister.
On your lies that Capt Ihenacho was involved in Fuel Subsidy Scam and oil theft, you cannot deceive the public. You are aware that the persons and companies involved in the scam are known and neither Capt. Ihenacho nor his company/staff is among. None is being investigated, indicted or prosecuted by any agency for Fuel Subsidy Scam. Sam, please cross check the list.
Your claim that Capt Ihenacho confessed in a chat with Channels Television that his company is insolvent as a result of indebtedness. You are aware that in the said chat which lasted for about an hour, what Capt Ihenacho said was that the kind of money federal government was owing his oil company and other oil companies, that his company and the others being owed might become insolvent to continue business if the debts were not paid. What you and your pay master did was to maliciously cut off the full chat of one hour and chose only where the former minister mentioned ‘indebtedness’ and ‘incapacity’ which does not last up to 10 seconds quoting him out of context. What a mischief!
On owing AMCON, it is only viable businesses that AMCON can give credit facilities. AMCON is not dead. Its reports are always there for the public to access. Therefore stop deceiving people as you are not the only person that is privileged to access AMCON reports on integrated Oil. You know that this allegation is false, malicious and politically motivated to run an innocent man down.
You also listed some names who you allege have been defrauded by Capt Ihenacho including the Emir of Katsina. Capt Ihenacho has never met or transacted any business whatsoever with the Emir of Katsina. Also, he has no problem with Osigwe Anyiam Osigwe (who is his relation), the Abiola family and others you mentioned.
You claim to be a chief and ‘Nze’. People with such titles in Igbo land do not tell lies. They are the ‘oji ofos’. They do not indulge in evil either. Therefore, I do not think you have the above titles as you claim. But assuming you mistakenly have them, then, you have desecrated the Igbo tradition and disgraced those who may have given the said titles to you.
By the way, what will your children remember you for when you are no more? ‘My dad was a professional blackmailer, a liar’.
Dear ‘Nze’ Sam, why have you allowed the devil to use you always?
Nevertheless, with your antecedents nobody can believe you because nothing good comes from an evil doer.
Habba! Politics is a game, oh yes but to lie against an innocent man is evil. QED.
Therefore, you must repent, confess your sins and turn to God otherwise, you will end in hell. Only Psalm 51 will save you. You need it before it is too late.
Yours sincerely,

Emperor N. Iwuala

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