The Many Lies Of Sam Ahanonu Against Capt Ihenacho

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For some time now, we have been reading the various media attacks a man named Sam Ahanonu has continuously launched against our principal Capt Emmanuel Ihenacho the immediate past Nigeria Minister of Interior.
Incidentally, the police have invited the so called Mr. Ahanonu severally to come and answer questions on his allegations against Capt Ihenacho but Mr. Ahanonu has blatantly refused to honour the invitation.
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Unfortunately, instead of coming out to answer the police, Sam Ahanonu has continued sponsoring more libellous publications from his hide-out against our principal.
Ironically, Mr. Ahanonu had earlier promised the newspapers he deceived into publishing his lies against our principal that he had all the documents and evidence to prove his evil claims against our principal.
Recently, we also saw some documents Mr. Ahanonu claims to have filed in Owerri High Court asking our principal to furnish him with information about himself and his company.
The posers now are:
How can a man furnish information that does not exist?
How can our principal furnish Sam Ahanonu with information the same Sam Ahanonu vowed he has and was ready to make public?
Is it not the law in Nigeria that ‘he who alleges should prove’?
It is instructive to also note that Ahanonu’s so called law suit (if it is not a forged suit), has not been served on our principal as provided by the law. Even the trash he published in newspapers as court processes was not signed by any law firm or lawyer known to the Nigerian Bar Association. Also the contents of the so called suit do not disclose any cause of action known to law.
This can now show how mischievous Sam Ahanonu and his sponsors are.
Therefore, Sam Ahanonu’s media blackmail on our principal is only an attempt to embarrass and annoy our principal.
Nevertheless, we have found out that Sam Ahanonu and his pay-masters are on an evil mission to destroy the hard earned name of our principal because of our principal’s rising political profile. We will not allow that to happen.
Imo people are wiser now that they cannot easily fall to this kind of cheap falsehood. Instead, the blackmailer and his sponsors are only making our principal more popular and acceptable because his honesty has been attested to by many.
Therefore, if Sam Ahanonu is not a criminal conspirator, we challenge him to be man enough to come out from hiding and honour police invitation.
On the other hand, we urge the general public to disregard whatever information negative information Mr. Ahanonu is dishing out to the media on our principal as they are not only false but an evil targeted to smear the image of an honest and innocent man.
Barr. Emperor Nnabuihe Iwuala
Director Media and Publicity
Capt Ihenacho Campaign Organisation

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