Military Kills 53 Boko Haram Members In Borno By Masoyi Lusa,

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In their renew assault on the deathly activities of dreaded islamic fundamentalists known as boko-haram report emerge that about 53 of them were said to have kill by combine security forces on Sunday.
The Military  and  Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF )in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital confided that the casualty figures on Sunday’s military barrack attacks and two other villages of Maronti and Njimtilo were 53 terror suspects; and 12 other residents that were buried yesterday at the Gwange central cemetery, Maiduguri.
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A resident Hamidu Isa one of the civilian joint task force said said  that the vigilante youths numbering about 75; were not only overwhelmed in repelling the terrorists, but evacuating the bodies of gunmen into our patrol vehicles for burials at the cemetery in the afternoon
“We cannot leave the bodies in these dug-out trenches and two affected villages; because they can cause outbreaks of cholera and other airborne diseases in Maiduguri metropolis. This was why we had to work round the clock, and quickly burry all the bodies retrieved from trenches and uncompleted buildings at  Maronti  and Njimtilo villages,” Isa said in a telephone interview with
He said the Civilian JTF alert to residents had prepared them to flee on time, before the over six hour “aerial and ground” joint operations that succeeded in killing over 50 and arrest of over a dozen terror suspects yesterday morning.
He said during the joint military and Civilian JTF operations, three units of Amoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and several rifles and ammunitions were also recovered from the Boko Haram gunmen.

The APCs, he added, were recovered at Njimtilo village, 500 metres west of a military post on the 132-kilometre Maiduguri-Damaturu

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