Lingering Communal And Ethnic Clashes Affect Our IGR-Hon.Omaku

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IDRIS-A.ADAMU_-232x300The Executive chairman of Doma Local Government, Honorable Henry Omaku has identified the lingering Fulani/Farmers skirmishes that blanketed Doma Local Government and its environs as a major huddles militating against Internally Generated Revenue.

The chairman was speaking following the call by Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura on council chairmen to boast the revenue drive of their various Local Government to augment the lean resources accrued to the third tier of Government.

He expressed his heart over IGR generated as an enormous challenge to Local Government which he said include communal and ethnic clash, He however affirmed that the yet to be resolved crisis scare investors to the locality which is predominantly farmers.

Other constraints he added are the low patronage of Doma Wednesday market and its environs respectively, The chairman averred that vast of IGR are generated by non-indigenes farmers, Other challenges emanated from staff of the Revenue Department, The chairman added.

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Hon. Henry Omaku reiterated that the Local Government would partner the state Board of Internally Generated Revenue for optimum result, In another development, The council chairman piqued by the intermittent communal violence between farmers and pastoralistd has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding  between the two warring group to end the annual clashes that plunged the state into anarchy.

Omaku asserted that the MoU signed would sustained an everlasting peace between farmers and pastoralist, “In the MoU we agreed that cattle rearing track be carved out for Fulani’s to have access to grazing route.

The chairman said that with the sporadic cases of robbery on Doma-Lafia highway, Doma-Burum-Burum, Doma-Yelwa Ediya, that he has procured a Sharon vehicle to security agents in the locality.

He said the vehicle was procured to aid the security agencies in patrolling the risk areas under the control of bandits; Hon. Omaku commended the paramount ruler of Doma Local Government, HRH. Alh. Ahmadu Aliyu Ogah for exhibiting the role of a statesman in uniting the people.

The chairman called on people of the locality to remain calm and resolute, appealing on civil servants to expect payment of the backlog of their salary very soon as Federal grant come in.

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