You Lied You Didn’t Meet With Us, You Met With Fraudsters, Niger Delta Avengers Tell Sports Minister, Dalung

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The Niger Delta Avengers has dismissed claims by Youth and Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, that  he made contact with the avengers group recently.

The Militant in a statement by its spokesperson, Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo stated that the Minister met with fraudsters.

Speaking the Spokesperson, Brig. Gen Mudoch Agbinibo also stated that; ‘Niger Delta fraudsters’ defrauded the Minister.

“Niger Delta Avengers can’t stoop so low to send representatives to meet with a common Minister of youths that doesn’t know his work. Minister of Youths and Sports, Solomon Dalung has been defrauded and played by Niger Delta Fraudsters. He didn’t have any meeting with us (Niger Delta Avengers),” the group said.

“Lets make this clear, any meeting with Niger Delta Avengers that the International communities are not part to witness, we (Niger Delta Avengers) will not be part of any such dialogue as well.”

It would be recalled that Minister of Sports Solomon Dalung had stated recently that the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) are fighting for  injustice  ,the region have been neglected and left out to suffer  high level of devastation degradation.

Speaking he said , it took me  several hours driving through the  canoe on water to reach this oil rich inland of Bayelsa state where I felt  the only government presence in that community a dilapidated and abandon secondary school edifice and sign board .

My first contact with one of the parents who said he drop out of school in primary 3 raised concern that they have children who want to go school and acquire knowledge but nobody care for them.

The minister who revealed that  he gave himself as a sacrificial lamb to survive or to die for peace to return to Niger Delta area, disclosed that he  embark on the joining to see to  the plight of people living in the rivers  communities and why they embarked on unwarranted destruction of pipelines vandalism .

According to him, he came in contact with the leader of  Niger Delta Avengers who took him round the affected needs and the danger posed  to them by the rich oil companies.

The leader ordered me to sit close to him and he introduced me to other angry looking members whom I believe are full vengeance everything.

Their community head was so polite  ,but when I arrived on  that  inland I witness a mammoth crowd waiting to see me but  within a short while they all varnish into air on sighting me as a stranger in their mixed ,I  see the women and children hidden under their dilapidated house .

Then, its occurred to me that these people are truly in dire need of help to make life a little bit better for their future leaders, the community leaders gave me a hand written messages to give President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dalung pleaded with them that their house of assembly, representative, state and federal government will soon take their message very serious.

Let you until you pay attention or visit  Niger Delta Avengers that you  will have firsthand information on what is happening to the  area.

My experiences in  Niger Delta region and what saw reveal the injustice ,neglect and. Lack of political well to implement people oriented project to reduce the damage pipelines sited in the area but members of the community are not involve in security of the oil rich community.

The second problem which I consider paramount to the people of the community is  that of  they collectively calling on  government to build  university which was  relocated outside the shore of the area .

I witnessed the level of injustice done to the people of the oil rich states. The group is at logger heads with the oil company over the alleged bombing of the company’s oil facility

The minister for sports, youth development disclosed that his visit to the Niger gave him the opportunity to dialogue with the aggrieved Niger Delta avengers.

He advised that development should be seen as people oriented when that is done with the people, no leader can sit under the comfort of his home or office to know the predicament of what people  are going through.

He lamented that when a person is elected he migrated to become a stranger ,many plateau politicians today have migrated to Abuja these are predicament we call politics of isolation that cannot developed the society.

He commended the organizer of this interactive session with the people of Plateau South which is the based options so I congratulated Sen. Jeremiah Useni for initiating the wisdom.

Dalung noted that President Muhammadu Buhari promised to tackle corruption during his electioneering campaign and 70%.have been achieve which reduced insurgency today.  Boko Haram has been disseminate ,sometimes meeting like this will have not taken place with number of road blocks but it is history ,no violence he has gotten 70% of insurgents.

He added the war against a group of persons that enrich themselves with public funds let remind us that whether your Buhari son or brother if commit any financial frauds you will be arrested.

We know what corruption has done to this country some people will not want coming back to our society today.

Stealing of money up to 100 billion is bad development there is deliberate plan to cripple this country and brings back underdevelopment and high rate of unemployment.

The minister cautioned that current national income has dropped to 1.3 while oil production is. Between 800-900 so Nigeria is undergoing trying period, as a minister of federal republic there is no money in my office, we have the right to be great.

He pleaded for peaceful coexistence we lost a lot during the sectarian crisis, we should understand one another.

Dalung condemned policy that are not clearly define so we should not accept ranching because those in position of authority ask us to do so ,I don’t advice you to reject or to accept but ensure you understand its. The problem of Nigerian is between Fulani and farmers, we must end internal conflict .

I vow to sacrifice for the total return of Nigeria  wealth ,Nigeria government have not been fair to the  Niger Delta people and government didn’t provide them with any resources ,no single hospital nor government present.

Their leader told me that we are not terrorist the federal government neglected the people of Nigeria leading to unwarranted. Bombing so I said I was prepared to died that is why I visited the  Niger Delta Avengers .

We are responsible for the predicament we getting, our past leaders invited this mayhem.

” I warn that, we didn’t elect PMB to go and sit clapping hands or steal money we will want to step down to warn those elected to ware of our wrap “,he explained.

Bar. Solomon Dalung advised Useni to be sincere to the electorates and focus on people oriented program of developing the rural communities.

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