Leko/Koma Constituency: Embattled member failed to produce witnesses in court

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Tom Garba

Adamawa-HAThe member representing Leko/Koma at the Adamawa State House of Assembly, Hon.Thomson Saleh of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has failed to produce witnesses in an election tribunal.

A Case of election irregularities was instituted against him challenging the legitimacy of him winning the election in his constituency.

The challenger, Aloysius Baba Doke who was a former lawmaker and contested on the platform of the People Democratic Movement and lost said Thomson rigged the election in Leko/Koma one,a ward that was manipulated by Thomson.

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Aloysius Baba Said “Thomson rigged and falsified the figures of the results in Leko/Koma because of the fact that he knows he is not going to win, now he failed to produce his witnesses an indication that he partook in all the election irregularities in Leko/Koma one ward”

The Election tribunal Judges, Justice Anthony Onovo of Enugu State High Court, Justice Abbas Ahman of Kebbi State High Court and Justice A. A. Akinyemi of Ogun State High Court gave both the plaintiff and defender ten days to come to the court  with their briefs.


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