Lecturer calls on Government to Barn street begging in Yola

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Tom Garba

BeggarsA lecturer in the department of Education studies of the Federal college of Education (FCE) Yola, Mallam Sahabo Mahni has called on Adamawa state government to barn all street begging in the state.

Sahabo who through his popular facebook page that attracted has hundreds of comments on the topical issue had earlier written a Memo to the Adamawa state police command to draw the attention of the police for the alarming rate of this uncultured habit.

“I feel disturbed by the swarm of ten years old Boys and Girls as well as men and women beggars plus hawkers whom surrounds vehicles at every traffic light junctions. I believe you know why sir please takes action. Thank you. Mahni said

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Mahni who further talked to our correspondent through a phone call berates the beggars as most un-serious type of human beings who don’t want to improve their lives with something tangible and therefore they should be send packing out of the streets of Yola.

To him they should go back to school of whatever kind to improve their lives as the government have all school of difference type for them to be enrolled.

” Why then are they polluting our environment on issue that God himself did not even approve, our contemporary life style did not support what they are doing, you see any good will person be in total variance with what they are doing. My brother this is a societal ill that will be a serious security threads to the fragile peace we are trying to sustain”. He added

He further laments that those in this kind of anti social behaviours are mostly from the North and Muslims, it must not be people from this part of our country. You can hardly see a Christian doing this kind of uncivilized business and I therefore call a fast response from the state government to totally  halt the behaviour of this bad elements that are littering our streets in Yola.

The Memo had already attracted the attention of good citizens of the state, as the former chief press secretary to governor Nyako, Ahmad Sajoh post to say that plans are already there to see the deputy Governor as the Governor has travelled out of the state on official assignment.

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