Lamido’s Choice Is Jigawa PDP Next Govership Candidate Says Isa Gerawa By Umar Faruq Usman, Dutse

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Renowned Businessman and owner of the leading oil factory in northern Nigeria and  a strong PDP supporter in Jigawa who based in Kano Alhaji Isah Gerawa has spoken out his mind on should  will succeed Governor Lamido as Jigawa State Governor in 201, speaking with universalreporters, Gerwa said Governor Lamido has done well for the  people of Jigawa state in the last seven years of his Administration.
According to Garewa, Lamido is a political mentor that whomever he said is their candidate, they will vote him in to power assuring that no single vote will miss the road during the incoming general election because Lamido has brought change in the.
Gerawa further stated that all the candidates who are  purchasing the PDP form at the party headquarter were chosen by the Jjigawa state government and they are the  choice of the people because it is the people who said their mind that is why the government allowed them to stand as their candidate if people did not indicate their interest on them Lamido will not tell them to contest
Explaining further, he said any body that is pointed out by governor Lamido as their gubernatorial candidate no doubt they will  vote for him in the next coming governorship election.
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On the issue of the rumours speculating that the Party will break into two, he said all are speculations as he said that nothing will make the party to divide.

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