I Won’t Step Down For Anybody-Kwankwaso

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Ahead of the December 29, APC presidential Primary election, Kano State Governor, Rabiu Muusa Kwankwaso, has said that he will not step down for anybody as he is not under any pressure  to step down for any of the candidates.
According to Kwankwaso: “I am not under any pressure to step down for anybody, in as much as nobody has contacted me to step down, doing that will not augur well for the party.
“You see, so many people are used to either small party, like medium sized parties, where people sit down and choose somebody in a room.
“Now, we are talking of APC, a mega party, which is not ANPP, which is not CPC, ACN, or APGA or new PDP. I always tell people to look at the example of the PDP since 1999 and in each election, people have to go for primaries, not arranged elections, real election, primary election, even when we have sitting President in 2003 and 2011, there were elections, very serious elections.
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“That is why PDP has been winning all along and all others who are involved in stage managing primary elections always lose elections.
“As fate will have it, PDP has now decided to do their own primaries in the Villa, while the APC will hold their’s in the field, which clearly shows that APC will win, while the PDP will lose the elections in 2015″.
Speaking on the issue of consensus arrangement he said; “We have always been consistent, but you see many people who are soliciting a president for this consensus, many of them are having in mind that when people go and sit down they will give it to their candidate. That’s consensus to them that’s the main issue.
“And I believe that since this party is very strong, all candidates should go round the country and campaign, bring in more hands, more people. And that’s exactly what we are doing. In the last few weeks many people joined APC because of me and they will continue to join especially if I have a ticket.
“Most of the guys in the PDP, the good ones, are my friends and certainly once I declare and get a ticket, they will cross over to APC or stay there and work for me. One of the advantages that I have is that it is not only APC that will vote, the PDP will also vote for me in the general elections.”
 “If I win the primary election, I will be very happy and the other contestants will work together, we are very close, all the three or four of us. And of course, if anyone wins elections, we will support him, And that’s why we are saying to INEC and other people that they must not go and take dictations from the villa and come out and write figures because that will not be acceptable,” he said

 “It was the issue of venue that made me to change the date of my formal declaration because they did not give us approval to use the Eagle Square. It is now going to be on the 28th of this month. We are still looking for a venue, but if they don’t give us, we will declare on the streets of Abuja because most of the venues are owned by them,” he said.

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