Kadarko Community In Plateau State Seeks The Completion Of Roads Mobile Barrack

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The Kadarko Community in Plateau South Local Government Area of Wase has urged the state and federal government to facilitate the building of Roads and Police mobile Barrack to open up agrarian communities.
Mr Sunday Vongkur, one of the community members in Gwantim, made the appeal in an interview with THE UNION reporter during an investigation of recurrence of violence attack when the community appealing to Government attention in the Area.
Vongkur lamented that since the crisis broke up in wase all the communities have been denied of government present, most of women and children suffered from different illness due to absent of medical health care facilities.
The people of Kadarko ward trekked for about 10 kilometers from the end of the uncompleted roads which is not motorable .
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He added, whenever there was downpour within the area,the residents of the communities were usually cut off from the rest of the state.
The Chairman of Ngwan Shi Otarok Wase branch Mr Jangle Lohbut  cry out ,we are praying that God should touch the hearts of those in Government to come to the aid to finish the Zamko Mban ,Wase road which started eight years ago by Governor Jonah Jang and links most of the communities in the area.
He also alleged plan by the people of wase dis franchise the Tarok race during the LGAs poll in the Areas.
He emphasized that “as you most have seen while entering the villages we employ you to help us in appealing to government that our people are trapped, especially during the rainy season.”
Due to the deplorable state of the road, The Candidate of DPP Dr Dan Dul publicly called (Danny source) has promised to unite the people of  Tarok land toward selfless communal service.
We are aware that the people find it difficult to move to their farmland or used bike to transport their farm produce to the nearby Market in Langtang North area,he said.
According to him, if elected I will give more emphasis in the area education of the youth because we use to be proud of it in the 60s ,adding the situation is almost getting out of hand as people of the community now go to bed with fears ,noting that if something fast is not done the activities of criminal elements will destroy the peaceful co existence of Plateau people
He said,the incident has also opened doors for the hoodlums to continue to operate in neighboring Wase.
Dul stressed as a traditional titleholder he will use his position to unite Tarok nation if elected Chairman of the council.
Dr Dan Dul appealed to the people to give maximum cooperation to DPP so that the people enjoy the dividend of democracy.
Dul expressed worried that the people are really disturb over what is happening in the community so we advice the entire village heads to keep vigilant by reporting to the Ponzhj palace.
He promised to provide sort loan in collaboration with commercial banks also to offer scholarship from primary to university level and stock library with ICT equipment for the progress of Tarok because we are backward now.

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