Jos North/Bassa Constituents  Lambast  Hon  Suleiman Kwande, Passes Vote Of No Confidence On Him

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Yakubu Busari

A Youth forum of the supporters of All Progressive Congress (APC)   in  Jos North /Bassa Federal constituency has accused Hon Suleiman Kwande as use and dump .

The meeting, which was held  at  sacred Heart Bishop court on the 21st,April,2016 attracted many youths who said the member was not accessible and has demonstrated hatred for  Christian after riding on them to achieve  victory .

The  forum condemned in its  strongest terms the ineffective representation of the lawmaker ,Hon Suleiman Yahaya Kwande,member representing Jos North /Bassa federal constituency at the National Assembly Abuja .

In their separate interview the youth pass “a vote of no confidence in his leadership style”and call on him to resign .

The gathering, which culminated into collections of signature from youth in Bassa and Jos North federal constituency cautioned Nigerian politicians against bridging their campaign promises.

Speaking earlier ,the coordinator of the youth forum , Mr Katniyon Nanpan made this statement known while briefing newsmen in Jos that the people of Jos North/Bassa constituency are tired of his nonchalant ,inaccessible ,ineffective,and non-participation in legislative activities at the national assembly and wonder what he has been doing there over the years.

“We can no longer tolerate this hence our resolve to brief the press that Hon.Suleiman Kwande is not fit to represent the good people of Jos North/Bassa federal constituency in the National assembly because of his bias and sentiment of judgment”.

The youth forum maintained that,we wouldn’t have supported him during the last election, but after due consultation the Christian supported ,he then apologized to them that it was due to inexperience as a first timer.

Nanpan stressed that within the few years he has spent there as a member he cannot account for how many youths were empowered or are given training on skill acquisition program.

However, in the 2015 general election, we came out under the group known as youth ambassador to ensure that he clinched the seat of Bassa ,Jos North against all odds but Kwande has turned a deaf ear to our plight.

They accused Hon Suleiman Kwande of not being heard or seen make any contribution at the national assembly during plenary sessions.

He alleged that the member dumped all his oversight functions and even in to visit the constituent because a death trap for him.

According to him, the lawmaker usually visits late at night and jets out as early as 5:am ,making him inaccessible to the people of his constituency .

Nanpan pointed out that youth forum drafted a private bill for him to be presented on the floor of the House but he was no where to be seen so we hereby pass a vote of no confidence on him .

The youth forum said they hereby resolve to recall back the lawmaker based on incompetence and lack of cordial working relationship with the youths of Plateau North.

Those who collectively signed for the recalling of the member include,Odeh Sam ,Anga J.Ibrahim and Longul Dakwom and the coordinator Mr Katniyon Nanpan respectively.

Another youth leader, said that Hon Suleiman Kwande deceived them on several occasions, he will say that we should  come together and form ourselves into a little group  and that he would communicate to us but getting to  there will not be any news coming from him.

He lamented that the office has been shut down, which makes the lawmaker inaccessible to them.

Even if we call him or text him, he will never pick calls or respond to text messages so we finally want to tell the world that Hon Kwande is not capable of leading us ,he explained.

While speaking to Hon. Suleiman Kwande on the phone he said that those youths who are complaining, lacks focus so he cannot continue to dish out money to faceless group.

Kwande described the youths’  plan as baseless, unfounded rumour meant to cause disaffection between him and the electorates.

I will not deal with miscreants or a multitude  of beggars who are not coordinated, that has been my problem with most of them .

If they have any grievances they should go to my campaign office and lay their complain rather than resorting to cheap blackmail.


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  1. Danuk Henrietta says

    For him Kwande to call those who elected him into office beggars is a show of no respect for the electorates. If he had a specific plan for the youths of his constituency then he should roll it out.
    A vote of no confidence is a strong indictment.

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