Jos Clergy Man Decries Suffering, Pains Of Christian Worshippers In Nigeria

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Yakubu Busari


The founder of Shalom Baptist Church, Rev Nathan N.Nwachukwu has decried that the church in Nigeria are so devastated and they have suffered enough pain attending burials of their beloved ones constantly killed by the terrorist and government had failed to provide protection to the dying helpless families .


We see federal government given amnesty to these killers squad ,provide them with scholarship while our poor vulnerable church members are hack to dead in cold blood .



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Rev. Nathan revealed that  these killers  of Christian worshippers by a group of terrorist in Nigeria is gradually affecting the work of evangelism by calling on the federal government to stop promoting the activities of terrorist in the Northern parts .



Rev Nathan Nwachukwu stated this during the Church Tenth Year Anniversary ,Ordination of Deacons /Deaconesses and Fund raising for the ongoing sanctuary project of Shalom Baptist Church, Jos.


He said the information available to us as church is that they have vow to killed in the land and government is now are  given them amnesty by taken them outside the country to rehabilitate and train them by providing scholarship then what about the victims.


Rev Nwachukwu lamented that the victims of this heinous crime need adequate attention or help not to be left alone o go through trauma .


We hope that what we are hearing is not true but if such is happening ,we can see the failure of government ,so government value terrorism rather neglecting people .


According to him ,he has been involved directly on how many churches were destroy ,however, none of the church was reconstructed ,You can imagine like Baptist got only two bundle of zinc and what would they do with it and many people are displaced and government is not ready to help them return back to their ancestral home.


He disclosed further since the onslaught begin in the northern parts of the country many Churchill members are traumatized but you can see government shying away from her responsibility of providing succour to them.


Speaking on the tenth anniversary ,Rev Nwachukwu says,having been led as we believe by the spirit of God to receive the Lord Jesus Christ our saviour ,he started 13 years ago when he was a pastor with few members but today the church has won many souls .


He explained that God gave him the wisdom and experience to organize the church which drew members from difference ministries in 2010 which was first opposite St Piran Church and God led us threat until we acquire this permanent site in December 2014 .


Shalom Baptist Church, he added has won souls especially those that didn’t know God exist before not those that were believers coming to join the church .


The worshippers we start with 87 regular members who increase to 175 were many of them have relocated to the southern part of Nigeria owning to the incessant crisis that affected the church.


We have prepare ground to build the church so as to add value to Christian who are predominantly students that most of them after graduating they left in search of greener pasture over the years.


He told member to remember each in prayer to aid each other in sickness and distress to cultivate Christian sympathy in feeling and courtesy in speech.

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