Jigawa Hisba Command Visits Hanstu Sulhu Committee

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The Jigawa state Hisba command in collaboration with nongovernmental organization the mobilization for development paid an official visit to Hantsu community to find out how the committee on Sulhu is relating with members of the community.

The committee was formed with the aim of reducing civil cases in court and also to stop people from taking their problem to police instated they will use committee to solve their problems at home which will help them economically and morally to maintained their dignity.

Sampling the opinion of the people in the area it was observed that the people are not aware of the establishment of the Sulhu committee in the area especially with the low number of persons that attended the committee’s meeting.

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Rumors making rounds the in the area confirmed that the leader of Sulhu committee who is the village head of the community is having problem with people, as they accused the village head of putting his interest first as it was reflected in the names of persons in the committee.

In his speech the commandant of the Hisba Board Alhaji Aminu Baba Waziri lamented over the poor attendance of the people in the area,  Waziri said the aims and objectives of the committee is to assist people living at community  level with a view to solve their problem amicably at home without any police interference  or court intervention.

Waziri noted that the police and the judges could not solve the people’s problems, as he said government has established police and court to solve people’s problem but yet nothing was achieved in the area of justification, instead the masses are suffering in the area of justice.

Investigation confirmed that with the establishment of the committee in Hantsu area the committee has been able to solve eight case of marriage problems and land issues, even as it was found that one of the biggest matter which was resolved by the Sulhu committee is the issue of land tussle between the village head and one of his neighbor, it was learnt that if there was no existence of the committee, the matter would have been taken to court.

The village head in the area Alhaji Mikaila Shuaibu Hantsu call on the Hisba committee to allow them expand by including two more additional women into the committee because the with nature marital cases, the reconciliation in the area cannot be resolved by a single women due to the nature of cases happening in the area, adding that a single woman in the committee cannot satisfy the demands hundreds of people.



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