Suspected Kidnapper Died Of HIV/AIDS In Lafia Prison Due To Absence Of Retrovacines

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Rabiu Omaku

  • We Don’t Have Retrovacine In Lafia Prison -Controller

A suspected kidnapper, Magani Baba,a native of Moro community of Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State has died of HIV/AIDS ten minute after he was rushed to Dalhatu Arab Specialist Hospital, Lafia.

The gory incident occurred at about 4:53pm when he was rushed in a prison pick up van accompanied by prison warders.

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The suspect was remanded in Lafia prison early August this year, Magani was accused of involvement in the kidnapping alongside charge of robbery.

of Mother and nephew of Hon. Kasim Mohammed Kasim incumbent member Nasarawa State House of Assembly.

The counsel to the deceased, Bar.Joseph Johny blamed the authority of Lafia prison for the refusal to grant the suspect Magani Baba bail based on medical ground but to no avail as he said the prison authority labeled the medical certificate issued to them as forged document.

“We do all we could do to get him granted bail but Lafia prison are not helping the situation”.

“They said our medical certificate is a forged one and for them to allow us to take him to hospital they refused as well, he added.

The state controller of prison,  denied such allegations against the Lafia prison authority, stating that no papers were presented by the counsel to late Magani Baba

Ekanem described the claims as baseless, but he further said the prison authority has no access to retrovacine drugs for People Leaving With HIV/AIDS.

“At our level in the prison we have a clinic where an inmate on his arrival at Lafia prison would be asked on his health status, But Magani, according to the controller refused to open up to the warders”.

“Some of those that responded promptly are receiving treatment at the Dalhatu Araf Specialist hospital”.

The question that needed ardent answer was what would be the fate of all HIV positive victims that mostly did not have access to retrovaccine ?

More death are underway if those at the behest of affairs did not do the needful especially in the area of preventive health.

It could be recalled that, a quack medical practitioners operating in Rutu community of Doma Local Government was remanded in Lafia prison for transfusion of a contaminated blood from HIV/AIDS victim to a six year old

The nagging issue that the prison authority has to nip in the bud is to accord impetus to health of inmates as the survival of the killer medical practitioner who was HIV positive remanded in Lafia prison in August is blink, other pertinent questions also is what was the situation of the clinic in Lafia prison ? What will be the chances of people leaving with Hepatitis and other deadly disease.

The Hon. Member Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Hon.Kasim Mohammed Kasim when contacted said he has since quit the issue aftermath of the release of his mother whom he said she was brutally humiliated

“I was called upon to Lafia prison to see the condition of Magani and I do all I could do effect his release but the state ministry of Justice denied the bail “.

“I have no hands in the unfolding again to clarify to you I also notify Justice Viko about the condition of the deceased which he revealed to me that he is a Vacation Judge”.

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