Izala Group Applauds Saudi For Compensating Victims

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Tom Garba

imagesAs Muslim worldwide continue to mourn victims of the recent crane crash at Haram in Mecca, Nigeria’s Islamic group, Jama’atu Izalatul Bid’ah WaIqamatus Sunnah (JIBWIS) has commended the efforts of king Salman for taking urgent steps in compensating the families of the victims.

The Saudi government has announced it will pay 300,000 riyals to the family of each pilgrim who died after a towering construction crane toppled over last Friday during a violent rainstorm in the city of Mecca.

According to the announcement, all funeral expenses of the 108 pilgrims who died as well as the treatment expenses of the more than 250 others who were injured in the accident will be covered by the Saudi government.

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Reacting, the  national chairman of the group, Sheikh Abdullahi Bala Lau commended state authorities for the urgent steps, “these are commendable steps of which include, the compensation fee of 1Million Saudi Riyals (equivalent to 60Million Nigerian Naira) for the families of the victims who either lost their lives or sustained severe injuries, while 500Million Riyals (equivalent to 30Million Nigerian Naira) will be given to the victims who sustained partial injuries”

The group in a statement, signed by the national chairman of the organization, Shiekh  Lau, noted that ,”this kind gesture by the saudi authority under king Salman is worthy of commendation and emulation as it advocates Justice and fairness to victims.”

“We hope other countries will emulate in this kind of timely intervention,” said the group chairman.

The group also  offered special prayers to the departed souls and fast recovery to the hospitalized, “we also prayed that Almighty Allah will protect the entire pilgrims to perform sound hajj and return home safely.”

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