Incestual Abomination: Sixty Year Old Man Sleeps With Daughter To Get Rich By Tom Garba, Yola

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  • Stabs Son For Exposing Him
File Copy of Rape Victim

Kofare Police Division in Yola yesterday  on their on inquisition apprehended a sixt year old  Man that has been sleeping with his own biology daughter.
Mallam Adamu Ladan who is a widower in Wure Jebbe of Yola North who lost his wife some couple of years ago and refused to get marry again but chooses to be having canal knowledge of his own biology daughter, Forera Adamu , who is mentally impaired.
Forera is the first born of the family and who has grown up above the time of a matured woman to marry but could not due to psychiatric problem she has been suffering from, all of a sudden the woman that tend to have mental problem was discovered with unexplained pregnancy and the  father could not seem to be bothered about the issue.
It was yesterday that the whole scenario about Forera unwanted baby was revealed at Kofare police station in Jimeta when Adamu first Son, Musa caught his father right in the act of having canal knowledge of his own pity sick sister. When Musa told his father his blunt intention to let the whole world know,  his father attempted murdering him by stabbing him with a sharp knife in the neck for wanting to expose his sacrilegious act.
Musa’s siblings shouted for help in order to rescue him, when neighbors came rushing unconscious Musa to the Hospital immediately he regained himself he took the matter to Kofare police station, where his father was later arrested.
Mallam Adamu admitted of sleeping with his daughter and he is responsible  for the baby being breast feeds by Forera who turned his sleeping machine because his seer told him to be having canal knowledge of her so as to rich.

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