Imo Resident Electoral Commissioner, Gabriel Adah Brought In By PDP To Do Hatchet Job In Favour Of Ihedioha Says Imo Govt.

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This is to inform Nigerians that the Resident Electoral Commissioner for the State (Imo), Dr. Gabriel Adah was never qualified for the position he is now occupying because he is a Card-Carrying member of the PDP, and was brought in for the job by the PDP Candidate in the State, Hon Emeka Ihedioha. The State Government is also aware that Dr. Gabriel Adah was one time Speaker of Cross River State House of Assembly and was sent to the State to do a hatcher job for the PDP and its Candidate, Hon Emeka Ihedioha. We had these pieces of information on Dr. Adah even before the election. But on our part, we had believed that even when he was sent to work for a particular Candidate and Party, he could also be guided by wisdom to do the right things. But we have discovered that he has failed or refused to exercise the wisdom that mostly goes with age and experience in life.
Dr Adah organized the governorship election in the State with a winner in mind. He under-rated the Imo people’s love for their Governor Owelle Rochas. When Dr. Adah saw that the results of the election were not favourable to the PDP Candidate he had in mind, he declared the election inconclusive. An election clear winner has emerged both in spread and in figures. And even considering the number of seats won by the APC in the Assembly election. Dr. Adah wants a man who could only exercise minimal Political strength in seven Local Government out of 27 in the State to win and not the Candidate who won 20 Local Governments out of 27.
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As we write, nobody has seen the result sheet from Aboh Mbaise where the PDP Candidate returned more than 55, 000 votes, with no result sheets for the figure. Dr. Adah accepted the results even when he knew that there was no election anywhere in Aboh Mbaise and the other two Local Governments of Ahiazu and Ezinihitte Mbaise where the PDP Candidate comes from. Ninety-two percent of all the votes he got came from Mbaise area. The Returning Officer for Ezinihitte doctored the result of the election in INEC Office Owerri by allocating 48,844 votes to the PDP and it took the alarm raised by the APC agents to force the REC to order for the result sheets if the LGA to be looked at again. And at the end if that, it was discovered that PDP had 29,677, which they had earlier allocated to the Party. Infect, the REC has been an agent of the PDP.
The REC encouraged the Returning Officer from Oru-East to claim at the point of submitting the results that she entered the result under duress when there was no case of molestation or intimidation reported by her or any of security agencies to that effect before the submission of the results at INEC headquarters. Yet, Dr. Adah took her serious. He could not order for her arrest to be investigated and he could not also order for the arrest of the Returning Officer for Ezinihitte who doctored the figures at the point of submission.

It is important at this stage to call on Prof. Attahiru Jega to investigate the activities and conduct of Dr. Adah as the REC in the State and look into the allegations against him for the necessary actions by the commission.

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