Ihedioha Didn’t Give Us Refurbished Vehicles-Deputy Minority Leader Imo Assembly

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The  attention has been drawn to a publication of Horn Newspaper of Thursday, September 10, 2020 wherein a statement was credited to the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly captioned “Ihedioha gave us refurbished Vehicles”.


I doubt and refuse to believe that the Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Mr Chiji Collins PhD actually made such a statement as credited to him, but if he did, I say, that it is most unfortunate, appalling and embarrassing to the entire 9th House because that statement is false, lame, shallow, hollow and a malicious attempt to malign the good name of RT Hon: Emeka Ihedioha.


May I inform the general public that the official vehicles under reference are 2019 Brand new Prado Jeeps given to the House members in the year 2019. One wonders how imaginable a 2019 model Prado Jeep could be refurbished in same 2019., To achieve what?


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As the Deputy Minority Leader and a beneficiary of same, am willing and ready to make mine available for public inspection. The Speaker, Mr Chiji Collins PhD is also free to elect to so do.


Finally, we must at all times be conscious of what we say or do against our fellow being irrespective of political affiliation or bootlicking particularly in situations where facts speak itself.


Mr Chiji Collins PhD should please continue to enjoy his new found love and leave Ihedioha alone.



Hon. Barr. Frank Ugboma

(Deputy Minority Leader)

Imo State House of Assembly

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