How Security Forced Us To Conduct Mass Burial In Shallow Graves-Eyewitness

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Yakubu Busari


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Security Personnel has been accused of forcing Plateau Natives to bury their dead relatives in shallow graves as the number of people killed had kept rising, as it learnt two communities buried 174.


The Plateau Youth Council Deputy Chairman, Mr. Gongden Othniel said religious war is gradually consuming the people of Plateau state where women and children are hacked to death every day.


He urged the PYC and all admit that all of them have failed to protect the lives of innocent citizens from the external aggression as he called on each member to rise up to his or her responsibilities and get prepared to defend and safeguard the souls of Plateau people.


Othniel lamented thus that; “we are all guilty of allowing politics and politicians to divide us if anybody is thinking of finding peace with Fulani herdsmen, such a person is leaving in darkness, this is a calculated plan to eliminate us from our ancestral homes.


They PYC also rejects military presence in the land, “Mr. President they are not the solution to the mayhem except we employ dialogue with action, enemies of Plateau state have infiltrated into our lands where they are wasting innocent blood.


We have lost confidence in the STF by calling on the federal government to urgently remove the military and replace them with “operation rainbow “we don’t want them anymore in our land.


He said Government at all levels must embark on aggressive confidence-building measures to restore hope, normalcy and reclaiming of the lands of our people that have been displaced.This remains a primary responsibility of the Government and must be given utmost priority. The government must be deliberate in directing development partners and donors agencies to ameliorate the intense suffering of our people.


We call on the federal government to as a matter of priority urgently review its security strategies as it relates to the current security architecture within which it has present in Plateau state since 2001.


The presence of security agencies under a climate of mistrust from the communities who are currently vulnerable and helpless is not good for state citizens relations.


The leadership of PYC has reiterated its condemnation of all forms of terrors regardless of the perpetrators and the purpose for which they are carried out.We are horrified that despite the gains and gradual stability achieve through dialogue and mutual understanding.


We mourn with the families of the victims and we send sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones in these tragedies, and to Plateau people especially these local government that is affected.

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