How Police DIG Dagala Allegedly Doctored Police Report To Free Suspects And Plotted Elimination Of IPO

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Information reaching Trail Reporters shows that, there is an alleged plot by the Deputy Inspector-General of Police in Charge of Force Criminal Investigations & Intelligence Department (FCIID) Abuja, DIG Hycent M. Dagala to eliminate an Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Makuliso Umaro who investigated a case of fraud against the Director- General of National Oil Spill Detection & Response Agency (NOSDRA) and top officials of Sterling Oil Exploration and Energy Production Company (SEEPCO).

It was alleged that DIG Hycent M. Dagala ordered that the police report of ACP Makuliso Umaro be doctored in order to exonerate the already indicted suspects of any wrong doing after he had collected bribe from them.

Trail Reporters gathered that, for DIG Hycent M. Dagala to perfect his act of corruption, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Dozie, who was then newly posted to X-Squad FCIID Abuja, was used to upturn the police report of ACP Makuliso Umaro without granting any interview between suspects and complainants before his superior officers or carrying out a fresh investigation before he doctored, destroyed and replaced the report of ACP Makuliso Umaro which was signed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police formally in charge of X-Squad which earlier indicted the suspects for fraud of over N7 billion, with a new report, singlehandedly signed by one ACP Dozie exonerating all the suspects and forwarded same doctored report to DIG Hycent M. Dagala as he was directed to do.

ACP Dozie further confirmed his act of corruption when he appeared on the 5th of December, 2017 at the conference room of the Attorney General/Minister of Justice duly represented by the Director of Citizens’ Right Department, Federal Ministry of Justice Abuja, F. K Bebu,that he was directed by DIG.Dagala to review the case, and he doctored the earlier police report of ACP Makuliso Umaro which indicted all the suspects because the report did not go down well with the hierarchy of the police for indicting their friends (suspects), which led to the immediate redeployment of ACP Makuliso Umaro from X-Squad FCIID Abuja over his refusal to rewrite his report as directed by the DIG. Worried by the development, our correspondent placed a telephone call to DIG Dagala on his telephone line 080348193** in February 2017, and he confirmed the redeployment of ACP Makuliso Umaro and told our correspondent that he had forwarded the police report of ACP Makuliso to the Commissioner of Police in charge of Legal/Prosecution Section FCIID Abuja, CP David Igbodo for Legal Advise. When CP Legal, Barr. David Igbodo was contacted by our correspondent, he denied ever receiving any case file of such from DIG Hycent M. Dagala, which we later confirmed to be true.

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Our medium had on 11th December, 2017 reported that there is a serious threat on ACP Makuliso Umaro from DIG Dagala to be silent over his report which was doctored and replaced, by not appearing before a Committee set up by the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami to investigate the fraud against NOSDRA and SEEPCO. When ACP Makuliso was contacted to comment on the alleged threat to his life as a result of his police report which was allegedly doctored by DIG Hycent M. Dagala, he told our correspondent that he is not permitted to speak on matters involving the police and referred our correspondent to the Force Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Police Force, CSP Jimoh Moshood for comments.

ACP Makuliso later bowed to pressure from our correspondent and confirmed to our reporter that there are serious threats to his life but that he had complained officially to the appropriate Police Authority over the matter for necessary action. Reliable sources within the police circle revealed that ACP Makuliso Umaro is an upright and sound police officer who is also a lawyer and cannot be intimidated to do what is wrong and breach his Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct for Police Officers. Another source within the police, disclosed that there is a grand plot by DIG.

Dagala to use his undercover crack team of corrupt detectives loyal to him to get ACP Makuliso down at all cost or alternatively send him immediately on a Foreign Mission where he will never return, all in a bid to stop and silence his report. We also gathered that there are alleged plots and attempts by DIG. Dagala to also get rid of the whistle blower, Friday Ani for daring to expose their corrupt acts.

Speaking with the whistle blower, Friday And, he said, he was appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osibanjo, the National Security Adviser, and relevant agencies to ensure that such weighty allegations of corruption and misconducts against DIG Dagala and others should be properly investigated in order not to be swept under the carpet and ensure that the whistle blower and ACP Makuliso Umaro are not exterminated for doing what is right and by exposing corrupt officials.

Calls placed to the Force PRO, CSP Moshood on his telephone line 08032569029 for comments, were not answered.


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