How More Wasteful Can The Police Force Be? By Garba Shehu

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Before the advent of modern bureaucracies, European States operated a spoils system, by which every administration brings its civil servants from top to bottom. When their term of office is over, the civil servants all leave office with the government that brought them. Max Webber who many consider as the father of bureaucracy, the modern system of government administration blamed the spoils system for its lack of continuity and waste. Since then, bureaucracy had been the order of the day all over the world. The only exception is perhaps when you are dealing with Nigeria’s security services, especially the police force.

Our disciplined services including the customs and immigration operate is silos, blissfully unaware of modern systems of administration. They are so wasteful of well-trained, experienced and cherished human resources you begin to think that that is possibly why a barefooted set of bandits has stolen more than 300 girls and nobody can get them back for nearly three months.
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I am frightened by the large number of well-trained officers the country continues to lose through premature retirements in the police, army, navy, airforce, Customs and immigration. A former Chief of Army Staff, General Ihejirika once mooted the idea of having the retirement age of service personnel raised to 70years and I liked what he said.
They just announced the appointment of a new Inspector-General of Police in the person of Sulaiman Abba, before now, an Assistant Inspector-General, AIG and the press is awash with reports that all serving Deputy Inspectors-General of Police, DIGs and an unspecified number of AIGs will be retired. For what reason? For the fact they joined the police ahead of the new IG. “All officers that were ahead of the new IGP has (sic) been forcefully retired,” a source at the Louis Edet House, Police Headquarters was quoted as saying by the online newspapers “Greenbarge Reporters”. A source at the Police Service Commission listed the victims of this career extermination exercise as being DIGs Peter Gana, Michael Zuokumor, Dauda Sulaiman Fakai, Philemon Leha, Emmanuel Udorji, Marvel Akpoyibo, Abdulrahman A. Kano, Atiku Kafur.
The sources quoted by the newspaper went on to add that “the likes of Solomon Arase, AIG in charge of Intelligence Bureau and Dan Azumi Doma, AIG Force Secretary… might be affected, as they were strong contenders for the post of IGP. Their retirement may become necessary to avert any form of personality clash…”

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