How Governor Lalong’s Government Is Illegally Selling And Auctioning Plateau State Properties-Hon. Akans (Plateau PDP Publicity Secretary)

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Hon. John Akans, the Spokesman of Plateau State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has sounded an alarm that the properties and vehicles purchased by the immediate past administration led by Sen. Jonah Jang in the state are been sold and auctioned by the ruling All Progressive Congress administration led by Governor Simon Bako Lalong in the state.

Hon. Akans, while speaking to some selected Journalists in his office at the PDP state secretariat Thursday last week, said they have documents of, who has bought and benefited what in the cause of the sale and auctioning of the alleged properties and vehicles.

He also condemned the ruling party in the state and Governor Simon Lalong, for making Plateau people to be killed in their numbers by encouraging them to go to sleep with their two eyes close on the ground peace has allegedly returned.

Hon. Akans said the people of the state are now afraid of the kind of investors that the governor normally attracts to the state because, each time they come, Plateau people have to lose something.

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“Maybe his is bringing investors that will come and destroy our brothers and land. Am sure these are the investors the Governor is trying hard to bring. Plateau people are now afraid of his investors!

“If you know about the history of Pandam Game Reserve, under the Ministry of Tourism, you will always want to be there. Foreigners usually go there and relax. It is a thick forest with a flowing river. The only thing that is left now is the river after the investors of Governor Lalong came to the place.

“The river is what the Chinese have left now for Plateau people with one hippopotamus. We hope they will not come to take the hippo away too!

“Ask the people of Qua’anpan LGA how the investors are felling trees in their local government. These are trees that were supposed to be windbreakers among others uses for the locals.

“Let me tell you people also another funny and annoying development! You know Sen. Jang bought a lot of properties for the state when he served as governor, right? Apart from the properties, Sen. Jang built, he also bought over 17 properties for the state, which he has handed over, including the vehicles he bought.

“But, as I am talking to you people now, the APC administration and the Governor are busy illegally auctioning and selling some of these properties.

“Go to JMDB today, you will find that, most of the vehicles bought by Sen. Jang and the old ones have been sold and the old ones cannot be accounted for.

“Go to water board, some of the equipment there are been auctioned. Vehicles there have also been auctioned.

“We learnt that the auctioneers, at a point were fighting each other over who gets what. We know that by application of Law, Registered Auctioneers were supposed to be used to auction these properties and vehicles. But, what we see is government workers who were doing the auctioning.

“We have the records and we know those who benefited.

“Yet, the Governor was enjoying himself in London, when people are been killed on the Plateau. He is moving from Fund Raising Dinners to Award Night celebration. This is annoying Val!

“The number of people on his entourage does not even justify his trips. The cost of the trip to London is far more than the benefits. Kindly cross check it! He went with almost 50 people.

“To be specific the security situation is affecting productivity and procreation on the Plateau. People cannot sleep with their family, especially their wives. They cannot close their eyes.

“The security operatives in the state have even further advised the people of Plateau to remain alert and vigilant in the face of the reported daily attacks in our rural communities.

“Yet, the APC administration on the Plateau would be advising our people to have deep sleep because alleged political peace has returned!

“The Governor would be celebrating in Jos city over alleged returning of peace when our people are been killed in their numbers in the villages and several LGAs.

“Plateau people cannot wait for 2019 to come. Tears and wailing have taken over the lands.”


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    God help our leaders to help them also develop our country

  2. Daboer jonathan says

    God please help our leaders

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