How Governor Lalong Deliberately Consigned Plateau People To More Poverty And Sickness-PDP

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27-APRIL 2018.




The All Progressives Congress (APC) government in Plateau State, led by Governor Simon Bako Lalong appears to have finally lost any sense of sensitivity towards the welfare of the people he governs.



In a display of executive high-handedness, Governor Lalong was reported to have directed the shutting the doors of government facilities against the initiative of some members of the National Assembly only because they are of the People’s Democratic Party.


This is absolutely shocking realizing that the government on its own is not able and willing to provide quality health services to the people of Plateau.


We thought that wisdom would have dictated that government work with all people of goodwill to reach every part of the state with health services as a way of covering more areas and supplementing government resources.


Recall that in 2017, PDP members of the National Assembly sponsored free medical outreaches to the people across their constituencies in collaborating with government hospitals.


In this wise, Hon. Solomon Maren of Mangu/Bokkos and Hon ID Gyang of Riyom/Barkin Ladi federal constituencies donated mattresses, Blood Pressure measuring apparatus, stethoscopes, stretchers and other Laboratory equipment.The donations were followed by Free medical treatment to the people in their various constituents.


These were done to ease the suffering and health challenges the people were facing in accessing health care.

But the recent attempt of these members to again reach the people with medical services was met with crippling resistance as officials of government hospitals announced that they were directed not to open the facilities to any such collaboration with the law-makers.


Despite unwarranted and potentially frustrating attempts, these committed members will not be deterred but will continue to render such services now in conjunction with private hospitals.


That was why Hon Maren sponsored another phase of free medical outreach to his constituency through the LUNA Hospital in Bokkos and Allah Na Kowa in Mangu respectively on the 26  and 27 of April 2018.


These outreaches proved most successful as proven by the number of people who turned up to receive medical attention and the happiness and gratitude they expressed for being served.


This is what Plateau people need to experience increasingly, because sickness has no party tag.


It is therefore really a show of shame to encounter the latest short-sightedness of the APC administration, since it cannot give comprehensive health coverage of the state.


Rather, Governor Lalong has deliberately consigned the people to more poverty and sickness.


What manner of governor is this?


However, we state unequivocally that PDP will continue to stand with and for the people in the promotion and sustenance of their welfare.


We must remain unintimidated by such unfruitful antics but work assiduously toward also shutting the doors of Government House Rayfield against this wicked and decaying administration in 2019.



Sir John T Akans ksm

Publicity Secretary


Plateau State.

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