How 6 Nasarawa Polytechnic Staff Were Arrested By  EFCC For Alleged Swindling Of N67 Million  Cooperative Contribution

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Rabiu Omaku

Six staff of the Isa Mustapha Agwai 1, Polytechnic, Lafia comprises of the President of Multi-purpose Cooperative Society, Moses Emwugulu and five others were arrested by the Economic And Financial Crime Commission over missing N67, 000,000 meant for contributors.

The anti-graft agency, it was gathered swung into action following a petition written by the conglomeration of aggrieved members of the Multi-purpose Cooperative Society whom opted out following the upsurge of the formation of new Cooperatives namely Academic staff multipurpose cooperative and Senior staff cooperative.


The president, Moses Emwugulu in an interview explained that the movement was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, he said the Multi-purpose Cooperative Society experienced a sharp withdrawal of members, adding that over 85 members withdrew their membership of the Cooperative.

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He categories the loan disbursement to members to include regular loan and item loan which he said is payback after one month and housing loan which takes the duration of 5 to 15 years.


On the inflation of prices of plots of land and houses, the president denied that all that happened was before he assumed office as the president.


“I wasn’t the president when all this happened and I’m not in any way part of the negotiating team but just an executive member”.


“We were docked at EFCC office for three days writing statements and making adjustments”.


The president explained that the anti-graft agency fixed the 26 of November for the continuation of the investigation.


The chairman of the aggrieved members, Mr.Pius Omadefu, and the Secretary, Joe Osu could not be reached as at press time but one of the members, Hon. Anangba Bamaiyi while briefing selected Journalists unravel the reasons why the aggrieved members drag the leadership of the Cooperative and Multi-purpose Society of the Isa Mustapha Agwai 1, Polytechnic, Lafia to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission.


He said injustice is one of the bases why members opt out, he confided that over 200 members deregistered their membership due to the inability of the president to manage the Cooperative.


He also gave the revelation that the Cooperative was in possession of a site along Alkali street,4 bedrooms flat at Angwan Yazawa, and a large plot of land at Wakwa as a mere fallacy to divert the attention of the aggrieved members, saying nothing of such exist as an asset belonging to the Cooperative and Multi-purpose Society of IMAPOLY.


“The executive has never captured in the minute of their meeting that we such assets, time shall come that we will tell the world the true position of things”.



“Any time a member asked for financial support the president will start insulting members instead of looking for money to settle members, he was the one that triggered the whole issue”. Anangba declared.


“By law, any member that opted out of the Cooperative should be settled within 3 months but our own cases is more than that”.


Anangba averred that the entire total sum was N67m, while the amount for the 28 members is not N9.5m as outstanding, he succeeded in paying N2.9m to four persons but not to said he paid 21 contributors remaining 7.


He commended the Rector of IMAPOLY, Justina Anjiode Kotso for her swift intervention in the matter.

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