Hon Kudos Decries  Deplorable Rural Health Unqualified Personnel

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Yakubu Busari

Plateau-State-governmentThe House committee Chairman on Health and Member representing Irigwe/Rukuba ,Hon .Simon Kudos has decried the  high rate of maternal mortality in rural communities where  many pregnant women lost their lives  for lack of good health care facility.

He disclosed that rural killer diseases are preventable if only government provide drugs and the  people  maintain clean  environment good  hygiene .

Kudos stated this in an exclusive interview with our correspondent at the Plateau House of Assembly complex in Jos.

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He added that the few existing clinics and dispensary are always under lock due lack of drugs  for   patients who are abandon to died during the night hours .

Hon Simon Kudos reiterated that all the local government primary health care clinic are just mire consulting rooms ,therefore no facility and no personnel in the rural areas .

According to him, many pregnant women who are just infected with malaria cannot access drugs because most of the health personnel don’t live in the rural areas due to lack of social amenities so in the night when they are down with serious fever most of them lost their lives as a result of it.

He decried that government have abandoned rural health sector and we are appealing to the present government to provide adequate drugs and recruit more health personnel.

Hon. Kudos said the best government can do now is to equip those clinic with drugs to reduce high rate of maternal mortality.

He said there are a lot of challenges in the rural health care delivery and most  clinic are operating without the qualify  staffs the only problem is that most of hospital  building spread in  many constituencies are suffering from inadequate manpower.

Kudos lamented the level of poverty and lack awareness had push Nigerian into looking for herbal remedy which one herbs treat several illness .

Adding that as a member his duty is protect live and legislate on issues that will promote the wellbeing of the people of his constituent.

Kudos appealed to federal and state government to create more enlightenment campaign to guide our country democracy.

He expressed concern on how politicians troupe into government offices disturbing day proceeding.

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