Handover Us  Back  The  Nigeria ,”We Gave You,” – PDP Chieftain Hon Kaze Tells Buhari, APC

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Yakubu Busari

A former federal lawmaker  from Plateau State and an Aspirant of the Chairmanship for the People Democratic Party, PDP, who filed a suit challenging the injustice done to him and others aspirants vying for various position before a state High Court, Hon Bitrus Kaze has called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressive Congress, APC, government to come to term with reality the high level of corruption, poverty, banditry ravaging this nation.



He urged the APC government to please hand us back the Nigeria you met, PDP chieftain insist our country drifting toward a lawless society.


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He said Nigerian is passing through excruciating pains and harsh economic under the President Muhammadu Buhari regime, so you can’t compare the past and present conditions of living.


Speaking to our correspondent at the Plateau State High Court on Monday 5th October 2020, Hon Kaze disclosed the 60th golden jubilee of Nigeria independence Day celebration is a pointer that all do not well compare Nigeria to others independent nations.


He said, Nigerian have high expectations for the coming of President Buhari regime when he took the mantle of power from then the ruling PDP but the reverse is the case today, our citizens can’t afford to eat food when everything is in surplus.


Kaze maintained that the issue of reopening of public, private schools is such a difficult task consider to the market where everyone goes, it might come with a lot of apprehensions when your child felt ill but advised the government take a queue from others neighboring states that affected by this COVID-19 pandemic not rush in the given order.


“We must learn to take into cognizant what is happening in Ogun, Bauchi, and Lagos to ascertain the rates of people who contracted the disease “, he said.


He lamented that it is unfortunate that the 60th-anniversary celebration has come and gone but the result of the PMB regime in the past 5 years spells doom, as the worst because of what happened during President Goodluck Jonathan on subsidy removal.


Kaze reiterated that the entire subsidy is a scam and full of frauds with the excruciating pains people are passing through.


According to him, the country is drifting and is now governed under the northern agenda with so much pressure to decolonize us the minority people.


While reaction to factions with the PDP in Plateau state, he says there are a lot of issues and some are still pending in court which is before the public domain that can affect the performance of the party in the forthcoming Plateau south senatorial bye-election.


He explained further that,” you can’t eat your cakes and have it, meanwhile, I have contested election and lost losing an election is not a big issue to me but let the right thing be done, talking of free and fair exercise “.


Hon Kaze added that why he embarks on this legal procedure was to ensure that all legal processes are dully followed to avoid confrontation and for amicably resolution ends this crisis.

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