Gunmen Kill 6 In Fresh Plateau Attack

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A group of armed men attacked Wase town in Wase Local Government Area of Plateau State and allegedly killed at least five people while three others were injured as the attackers were repelled by men of the Special Task Force on Jos crisis from causing further havoc in the area.
Wase local government area has been under attacks and counter attacks in the past few months and unsuccessful attempts have been made to invade the Wase town by gunmen.

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Our correspondent gathered that the attackers surrounded Wase from three locations around 7am on Saturday, injuring three people from the community and setting homes ablaze while about five of the attackers were killed in the incident.
A youth leader AdamuWase, in Wase town commended the STF whom he said “helped them repel the attackers.
He explained that “The attackers are Tarok by tribe and they came from three different locations; behind wase rock, from Kumbur area and the third group shot at them from the river side. Thank God for the raining season, the river was flowing so they couldn’t cross, but the STF chased them back while we stayed back in town in case another group tries to come back.”
ZakariMuhammed the Chairman of Wase local government area who confirmed the attack on phone said “it is unfortunate that these people keep making attempts to invade Wase town despite all efforts to restore peace in the area.”
Captain Salisu Mustapha the Media and Information Officer of the STF  while confirming the attack to LEADERSHIP Sunday said “Kumbur village was attacked yesterday, the attackers intended to attack Wase town but they were repelled by our troops.
Captain Mustapher pointed out that they burnt a few houses and looted properties but one of the attackers has been killed.”
The STF spokesman further said calm had returned to the area and that the STF was closely monitoring the situation.

Source: Leadership 

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